Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Door to Door

March 9, 2015 (week 28 in Argentina)

Escrituras de la semana (scripture of the week)
· James 2:26- For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also.
Hoooooooolaaaaaaaa de Argentina! 
Hugs from Florencia
As you may have guessed, yes door to door means contacting, and a lot. Mendoza al sur is a very different place from the Saenz Pena atmosphere.  Everyone here is not very receiving of missionaries knocking on their door.  Still we move on searching for the people who are willing to follow Christ!  We met a couple of cool new people and they seem promising in their progression. I have learned many things about this line of missionary work and the one thing I’ve concluded is that this gospel relies on faith.

I’ve done a lot of reading on faith and it comes to be so much more than a belief of a higher being, it’s also acting on what you believe.  We search endlessly for those who will be willing to show their faith and do the invitations that we ask them to do.  For example, we invite them to read the Book of Mormon and to pray to God to know if it is true.  Many times we ask the people who we invited to do these things and if they did it and they will normally say... no.  It kind of reminds me of the story of when Moses said that all those who look to the serpent will be healed and there were people who didn’t look!  How easy is it to read a little bit of the book and pray to God asking him if it’s true or not?  But sadly people are like that.  So we endlessly search door to door.

torta frita with dulce de leche- yum!!
 We had two awesome noche de hogares (family home evening) here in our area.  One was with Izekiel and Maria and their grandma.  They were baptized awhile back and now we are reading the Book of Mormon with them chapter for chapter.  They are two awesome kids and they are so happy because they tell us that this gospel makes them happy!  We ate torta frita which is flour, water, and fat deep fried in oil.  They’re like a crunch tortilla and we had dulce de leche on it and they were soooooo goooood!  We helped make them too!

Making torta frita

Our second noche de hogar was with the familia Cuba!  They are an awesome family of four and they are awesome.  The mother has been baptized and still reads the Book of Mormon, but her husband is very catholic and told us straight up that he will never change religions even if God said our church was correct.  But he’s awesome and he will come to know that our fruits are good.  He is such a good dad and I know the longer he hears the voice of the Lord, one day he will accept more of the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Izekiel and Maria's grandma

And one more thing! Romeo Santos came here.  Yeah I don’t know him but my companion loves him because he is the king of bachata (Latin dance music)!  Our pension is right next to a futbol stadium and so there was a huge concert.  We could hear a lot of music and Elder Nava was going nuts because it would be the equivalent of a Taylor Swift concert for me! Poor guy, lol but we went up on the roof and took fotos as we were waiting for bed time.  He loved it!

On the rooftop 
Hope all is going good at home and that all of you know I love you.
Con Amor,  Elder Burke

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