Thursday, August 7, 2014

Segundo Cemana!

July 29, 2014 (week 2-MTC)

Hola! Comó estan mi familia y amigos?

Ha ha so anyways, I am having a great second week here at the CCM (MTC) and we finished teaching Nicolas our mock investigator, turns out he is our new Teacher! It's crazy! ha ha! He is so awesome but sadly he has only one week with us until he has to resign from the MTC (apparently you can only work for three years there). So he has been teaching us super spiritual and funny stuff about his mission and the things we need to learn about the gospel! But not to worry, we have a new teacher who is in training, and just got back from his mission two months ago! His name is Hermano Plilar and he is super funny! He has the Shya sounding Spanish that we will be speaking in Argentina ! It's so hard to understand him sometimes because he will be talking super-fast and we are like "mas despacio por favor!" (Please slow down!) ha ha! 

So we were playing futbol (soccer) last Thursday with some Latinos and me and this other elder collided our feet together and I got a nasty bone bruise! Yeah I was limping around after that.  I figured it would be alright in the morning. Poor Elder Pace had to wait for me when we were going places. The next day (Friday) It was still hurting bad so I went to the doctor to get it checked out so I didn't have a bad time with the Argentina Doctors! So I got crutches and they helped so much! My foot is much better and it's not broken! I am walking normal so that is good! But the game of futbol we played on Thursday against the Latino team was hilarious! Us gringos thought we were going to get our butts kicked hard but we literally reenacted the Brazil vs Germany game in the world cup, so go gringos! I also found out from Hermano Lee that Futbol to Argentina is literally life for everyone- so I may come back rooting for Argentina in the next World Cup!

We are loving every minute of studying here in the MTC and we are obviously becoming super weird. We laugh at everything most of the time. Hermano Barfuss and the other teachers talk about some funny moments when new Spanish speakers were teaching a lesson to them. Example: nosotros tenemos un massaje por usted! (We have a massage for you!) It's supposed to be Mensaje (Message) so we were laughing super hard at that. Another one is you never say Estoy Bueno! It does not mean “I'm good”. It means "I'm sexually attractive!" It's Estoy bien you want to say. Ha ha it was super funny! Hermano Barfuss loves all of us, but is mostly straight and to the point when it comes to learning a new language. We haven't heard him say anything in English except someone's name or OK. But the majority of the time I can understand what my teachers are saying- so that setting apart blessing really is working!

So as you probably already have heard from Elder Butler, we are going to listen to ELDER GROBERG from "The Other Side of Heaven" for our devotional tonight!!! Gah I'm so excited!!! WE are going to be singing in the choir so Elder Butler and I might be next to each other when we sing to him! So Elder Butler and I are the best “where's Waldo” players in the world. Every time I am on Main Campus we find each other within at least 5 minutes! It's really a blessing for both of us because other Elders have their "friends" but we've got family! Sister Mckee was at the Tuesday devotional last week also, but sadly she is gone for this one.  Sad. but I did get pictures with us three family members! So hopefully the computers will be nice to me and let me load pictures! 

So spiritual thought for the Week watch 

It's Gordon B. Hinckley Talking about forgiveness and all the wonderful merits that come from having hope in being forgiven. For those who read and feel alone or that they are scared to admit fault watch this and feel the spirit. I know that as all of us come to rely on our Savior's Atonement we come closer to realizing just how much hope we can have for being better. As always I love each and every one of you and only wish the best of luck and the best of feelings for your happiness as we go through life. Heavenly Father gave his only Begotten Son Jesus Christ so that we may have hope for being something greater.

Sincerely with Love,  

Elder Taylor Burke
                                                       My District at the Temple

                                        Elder Burke, Sister Holly McKee and Elder Butler

                                                           Elder Burke and Elder Diaz

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