Saturday, August 23, 2014

Last P-day!! (In the MTC)

August 19, 2014

Qué tal familia y amigos?!

So this last week has been awesome, as it should be.  ha ha!  So Elder Pace and I have been teaching our progressing investigator for two weeks now and we love to teach him!  He accepted to be baptized and it was all the spirit. When we taught him about how when we follow the teachings of the prophets (The seers that see into the future like Harry Potter, Levi's first impression.. lol) we come closer to God.  We feel his love the most when we follow the example of Jesus Christ and we are happier.  The spirit took over and Elder Pace and I went back and forth and it was so spiritual because I saw in his eyes that he wanted to be baptized.  It was there. Some of you may be thinking that how can that be?  It's just practice and he's just acting.  No it's not.  Sure they may pretend that they aren't interested or not members, but you feel the spirit when you teach truth, whether they are a member or not.  So we are going about asking to teach other people but we only have a couple days left until we leave! 

I'm so excited!  I'm gonna get to Argentina and not know what to do!  It's gonna be awesome!  Estoy muy animado!  Aye Chiwawa!  We are just getting into the kitty pool right now but we will be in the deep end on Monday!  Elder Black was with us for two weeks because his visa wasn't ready. He is one of my favorite elders here besides Gowans and Pace.  He is in the intermediate Spanish class and is so much better than me when speaking Spanish! So last Friday we were with Hermano Pliler and he was teaching us about how to teach the word of Wisdom and the class next to us needed a teacher.  So he taught all 22 of us in a pool house.  Elder Black was being an investigator and he asked one of the other class (they were only one week in to the mission as beginners) Hermanas to teach first.  She did good for a beginner and then he asked me to teach.  It was awesome to see how much I have improved in just 5 weeks of Spanish!  It was awesome to teach and express why it's important to not drink, smoke, chew, take harmful drugs, and other addictive substances in Spanish!  I asked Elder Black what I could improve on after wards and he was very helpful.

We will be gone in 6 days!  Ah! I'm so excited!  The people of Argentina will hopefully like the tall, white gringo, that can't speak Spanish missionary and hear what the Lord wants us to say.  I want anyone who can to send pictures before Saturday this week so that I can show the people of Argentina that I have a beautiful family and great friends and only want them to have that same feeling of happiness the gospel and temple has given me.

Today was probably my last day to use a temple for the entire time I'm on my mission :( sad.  But I will tell you this, I felt the spirit there and I want you to know that the temple is the most important place to be with your families.  Sometimes we take for granted that we have so many in the Utah valley and that we can go whenever we want, but it's important to keep going whenever you can.  It reminded me that Families can be together forever.  I see it every time in the celestial room.  If you can go to the temple with friends or family once a month do it, and see how it makes your life so much better. 

El envangelio de Jesucristo es defasil para entender a primero, pero yo se que él nos ama. Yo amo mi familia y mi mejores amigos, y no hablo perfecto español, se que por medio Jesucristo, todas las cosas son posible.


Elder Burke

P.S.  Send Printed Pictures today if you want them to get to me while I'm still in america

                                   Elder Matacia, Sister Housley, Me, Elder Reynoso (Parkour missionary)

                                        Elder Pace, Foy, Neilson, Ott, Hanson and Burke
                                    Heading to Argentina Monday excited!!

                               "The most beautiful sunrises that I wake up to at the MTC"

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