Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Doctor, Doctor, give me the news!

February 10, 2015 (week 24 in Argentina)

Once upon a time in Argentina,
Saying good-bye to this group- Elders Burke, Allred, Swingle and Ware

First off, we had seven different people come back to church Sunday!!! Woooohoooooo! Elder Swingle and I were so happy to see the fruits of our labor!!!  We have been working hard with helping the rama (branch) get back into shape to help people’s lives and be there for them when times get hard. Overall, it was really good at the church.

Tracting with Elder Swingle
So, for the past week there were a couple of stories that I noted that would be fun to share.  First off, if you have ever played sonic the hedgehog and know the character tails... we found a dog that looks just like him!  He has three tails... basically his tails looked like dreadlocks hanging off, but when he wagged his tail it was probably one of the grossest things in the world.  But, Elder Swingle and I died laughing!

Also we found this awesome little family that moved to Saenz Peña from Resistencia and were recent converts!  We brought them to church and introduced them to the church.  It was cool to see that they fit right in, because no matter where you are in the world or whatever language you speak, every church is organized the same and teaches the exact same.  Nothing changes in the church doctrine unless the prophet announces it.  They were shocked, that and their daughter who is 5 is the most hypergenic little thing you ever did see.
New companion- Elder Nava

So things are going good... I’ve been transferred again.  I’m with Elder Nava who is from Mexico!!! He is half my height but we are having so much fun!  We have Elder Flick from Utah, Elder Stout, who is new here in the mission, and we are all in the same room.  I’m in Corrientes right now writing.  I’m with Elder Nava here and things are much different.  I’m in Mendoza which is apparently the most dangerous area in our mission.  Honestly I’m not scared, just bummed that I can’t take my nice hat or backpack out anymore.  All I carry now is two books of Mormon and some pamphlets to help teach people.  Also it’s hard not to have a watch on your wrist.  I’ve done it before, but it always would help me stay on track with the time.  Corrientes is much richer that back in Saenz Pena.  There is a mall here!!!  With McDonalds!!!!!!  Absolutely crazy and a different environment.  Because they are so many different areas for shopping, it looks like an American mall!  Not to mention they have a theatre close by and of course, I had to just shake my head when I saw the poster for 50 sombras de gris (50 shades of grey).  Well that’s saddening.  But they advertise movies that have been out for a while so it wasn’t that new.  Ja ja.  Also Corrientes has its poor parts, that where you probably get mugged if you’re not careful or look rich.  But, I’ll be fine.  I will miss Elder Allred, Swingle and Ware though.
My new roommates:  Elders Flick, Nava and Stout

Some more changes for us now!!!  We get to write for two hours on our mission!!  We are beyond happy to write for so much longer because it’s very hard to find fun things to do here.  And everything closes 12 to 4 and we only have 10:30 to 6:30 for our P-day so it’s hard to have fun.  But we can also play Uno!!!  Heck ya!!!  I thought I would never be so happy to play Uno in my life!!!

Now for the grand finale of this letter... I’m going to be the mission nurse!  I talked with Presidente Franco and he wants me to help with Hermana Caribine with taking all the calls for the 230 elders and hermanas in the mission, who have or will have problems with their health.  I am in charge of all the elders and it’s great because now the elders can feel more comfortable to tell a guy their health problems without being embarrassed.  I’m soooo excited because I was worried about losing all of my medical memory on the mission!  Truly an answered prayer.  So you can just call me... Doctor Elder Burke ;)

Overall the mission is going good and I am learning through trials and stress.  That’s how we grow as children of God.  We are stressed and pushed to our limits so that we can grow strong.  Be ready for tough trials and be proud that your Heavenly Father knows that you can take it and when you slay that dragon, you become a better person than you were before.

Also read D&C 14:7
“And, if you keep my commandments and endure to the end you shall have eternal life, which gift is the greatest of all the gifts of God.”

 or chapters 10 to 12 of Alma.

Love, Elder Burke

Elders Allred, Burke, Swingle and Ware holding Elder Hidalgo

Elder Burke and Hidalgo

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