Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Holy Ghost

February 2, 2015 (week 23 in Argentina)

Hola de Argentina!!!

So, so many things have been going good here in Argentina!  We have been working hard to bring people unto Christ and how the holy gospel can heal all wounds of the past and protect us in the near future.
Rolling thunder follows the Lord's workers
We have been trying hard to have some of our older investigators get baptized, but they still don’t feel ready, but they are still doing everything…read, pray, go to church.  It’s a trial of patience, I guess, but we are always there for them.  So with that being said, we have set our goals for this last week to find newer families that are ready to be baptized or hear the gospel.  As usual we contact in the street, at the door, or wherever we can talk and share with people.  But, when we prayed to go out and find new people, we never thought of the miracles that would follow immediately!  As we were walking we would be guided by a thought like “go left” instead of right, or to “talk to these people”.  They weren't the type of promptings that you would see a giant green arrow above people’s heads saying “HEY!!! THESE PEOPLE WOULD LIKE TO HEAR ABOUT YOUR MESSAGE!!!”  It’s just a calm thought or feeling that has guided us to find 4 new families that seem that they will be prosperous!  The majority have accepted baptismal dates and want to come to the church, but sadly they had other appointments first to attend to.  All in one day we found 4 different families that all seem prepared to hear this gospel. Truly the work of a higher help.
Going "bananas" for bananas

Also we have been having fun with the sale of bananas!  We bought 8 lbs of bananas for 20 pesos ($1.50 US). We might say we went “bananas” for bananas? ja ja ja!

"Urmurgursh!!!!! I Lurv Burnarnurs!!!!!"

We painted a house for a less active family and we are trying to help them remember how great it is to have Heavenly Father help us in our lives. Also he let us play with his boxing gear for a bit!
boxing is so much fun....
and stress relieving for

I have been studying a lot about the Holy Ghost and the wonderful things it does for mankind. The reason we need him is for the following reasons:

1. He gives us comfort in our time of need.
2. He guides us to the people we need to see in the right time.
3. He testifies of Christ and Heavenly Father

Some things that I realized, that were new to me, was that if we are to understand the things of God, we need heavenly help.  There is no earthy philosophy or way to come to know of Heavenly Father and all that He stands for.  We need a higher understanding that is from Him that testifies of Him.  This is why it is so important to have the Holy Ghost in our lives.  When we are baptized, right after by the laying on of hands, we receive the Holy Ghost, to guide us in the pathway of Heavenly Father’s great and wonderful plan.  We must live worthy of such a beautiful gift and act swiftly on the promptings of such.  The most miraculous thing though of the spirit, is that it can influence those who have a broken heart and a contrite spirit. We can have the spirit with us, but the Holy Ghost can only affect those who are willing to soften their heart and listen.  If we are prideful or feel that we do not need any sort of heavenly help in our lives, it will affect the connection we can have with it.

Remember to always keep your heart soft and listen to the small promptings of the spirit.

Love, Elder Burke

Natividad, Silvestre, Alma Maria, Julio, Maria, Elder Swingle, Elder Burke

The Elders meet the Beatles

Ivan and his best friend in Saenz!

Can you hear me?  Can you hear me now??

Definitely Bananas for Bananas

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