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Doris Lopez

August 31, 2015        
Alright let’s get this letter started right....
Doris' Baptism- Elder Burke, Gabriel, Doris, Juana, Elder Stock
That is correct, Doris our investigator got baptized!!! Can I get a Booya up in here? She was super nervous to be baptized but also sure that she was going to be doing something right by starting her journey in following Christ. She couldn’t be confirmed because we had a stake conference (see later on in letter) that was in Formosa Capital and she couldn’t pay for a bus pass, nor could many people.  But not to worry, we have this Sunday si o si!!! The baptismal service was super awesome.  Sure it was in a small building on a super-hot day, the baptismal dress for her came literally two hours before we started.  It was shipped from the elders in Ibarreta (Thanks elder Abernathy) by bus to us at the station.  (Just the missionaries doing their contraband dealing using the bus system.) “What are we smuggling? The things for salvation that’s what!” ja ja!  Not to mention the baptismal pool once again ran out of water… so Elder Stock and I quickly topped the rest off, by filling up buckets of water and walking all the way through the church to the other side.  Did that for a little bit.  But what can I say, I have never had a baptism where everything bad was happening before they could get baptized.  But still we managed to pull off everything.

Gabriel and Doris
It was beautiful that Gabriel (Doris´ brother) could baptize her and be worthy to do it.  He was nervous but said the words right, but needed to dunk his sister a little deeper.  He had no problem with doing that part the second time ;) ha ha.  But if you could see the smiles on their faces and the happiness everyone was feeling, you wouldn’t have cared if the church was nothing but a grass hut.  It doesn’t matter what you have, rich or poor, the spirit touches people who are seeking and following Christ.  I absolutely love also that her mom Juana came and one of the members is an old friend with her, and he said to her “when you are ready, I´m gonna baptize you!”.  Yeah our ward is small, but it’s filled with awesome people.  Elder Stock and I sang for Doris and the rest of the people “La Oracion del Profeta” but to “Come thou fount”- dude it was amazing to see how good we sang, because we could feel the spirit so strong.

Having fun in Formosa with
Hermanas Paima and Cueva
I don’t exactly have my pin drive with me because the Hermanas stole it (Borrowed with permission, but I like to frame the Hermanas sometimes (ja ja), but for the celebration of our P day today, I cooked a really good asado (BBQ) and of course when the Hermanas caught wind that I was going to be cooking, I made them a portion as well.  It was really good and I do enjoy being District leader, even though I am in charge of them and the other elders, they all like to give me sass, especially the Hermanas... it’s like having a sister again ;)  ja ja- miss you Brianna!  But, I do enjoy having my district.  I’m hoping to stay in one area for more than one transfer. I don’t like moving around, because normally after three months you know everyone and they are your best friend. I hope I can have more time here in Pirane!


Oh, also remember that guy I baptized for the Hermanas? Santiago.  Yeah we are teaching his son Eduard and he is awesome.  He is seeing his dad as a completely different man and wants to know why.  He’s awesome and loves it when we teach him English! ja ja! We are planning on him getting baptized here on the 19th of September. We will see what happens!  I love this gospel.

If you have had an awesome spiritual experience with anything, be sure to write it down, but also (if you can) think about serving a mission; every day is a spiritual experience and it’s the best in the world.  If you’re in doubt, pray to God and ask Him if that is what He needs you to do.  Don’t pass up a mission! I still remember the words of a dear friend, who has sadly passed away, “Every day I wish that I could have served a mission, don’t pass it up!”  To this day I am grateful to have a scout leader named John Pettit who was just one of hundreds of people who told me the importance of the mission.  Don’t be scared to serve, JUST DO IT.  Then you can thank everyone and me for telling you to do it.

I love you all como siempre,

Que tengan lo mejor semana!


Elder Burke

A talking llama!!  Talking llama?  Where?!!

Divisions with Elder Vasquez in Ibarreta

Everyone was sick in Ibarreta so I made them Argentine
Chicken Noodle Soup!

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