Tuesday, September 8, 2015

I get to stay in Pirane!

Our District
September 8, 2015

Hello world again!

Well Elder Stock and I survived through the transfers and Father and Son will not be separated for at least six more weeks, so we hope!  I was really worried about leaving Piranè because it is a really awesome place to live.  I absolutely love being here and the District is awesome, but there have been some changes.. dun Dun DUN!  Yes, sadly they have taken out the Hermanas from our district and put in Elders, I was so sad honestly, because since the Hermanas were part of our rama (branch) here in Pirane, we normally cooked things for one another.  We would cook the best meat and them the best chipas, oh chipas.  They literally were my little sisters and gave me plenty of sass too being Porteno (From Buenos Aires) and Mexicana (From Mexico if you couldnt figure that out from the MEXICana!), but they were such good hermanas and helped the rama grow so well.  Now we are six elders and a zone without hermanas, like back in Corrientes, so it is possible that we will be having more photos with us doing manly things in our groups.  I have also been demoted from being District Leader (I have mixed feelings of relief and nostalgia about that) and now I am back to being just the Nurse for the area.

Doris was able to be confirmed this last Sunday with the Holy Ghost and it was super great for her.  We ended up fasting before and she never did that before, so she got to experience a new type of spiritual strength.  It was really great and awesome.  She still gives us sass but I guess it’s what happens over time being a missionary;   you become a member of the family and likewise you get to participate in the jokes, be the butt of the joke, and dish out your own at one another.  It’s like being at home for me honestly, it’s so much fun.  It’s incredible to see the character of someone be changed by the gospel and that we become a better and more united family.  The more and more I read the Book of Mormon, the more and more I am being unified to the will of our Heavenly Father and not mine own.

It’s the law of consecration, you give and you receive; you reap what you sow.  The more things I am giving up to follow Christ, the more I am united to His spirit of peace and happiness.  It’s a good trade, being as I really want more of those things not just now, but for my future family.  We constantly have a mindset of "well how is this going to benefit me?"  "What will you do for me?" when actually it should be more along the lines of "How can I help you?" "What can I do for you?"  The unselfish thought leads us to do the extraordinary things that are called miracles.  Unity comes from sacrifice.  Is not the unity of your celestial family more important than your selfish needs?  Of course, it is hard for us to give up the things we love that we do outside our family, that’s why I think it’s called a "Sacrifice".  As missionaries we have our own companions and we help one another see the things we must give up to become more unified, it may be time, our pride, our image, or our little times of relaxation.  But it brings us to be more unified.  I promise that blessings come from those sacrifices.  Has not our Heavenly Father given us His only Begotten as the greatest Sacrifice of all?  And look at the glory He receives now and forever because of it.  His family can be eternal, we can live with him.  So never be afraid to give up things for your family, whether it is personal habits, work, desires, or hobbies; the family relationships that are built will carry on throughout the eternities.   I can remember the many sacrifices that were made by my family, both parents and siblings, and the memories, the unity, and trust I will always have with them.
Back with Elder Correa for divisions

Throughout the week we had a fun time visiting a ton of people and dealing with a lot of last minute situations!  I went on Divisions as a District leader to be with my dear old friend from my first area Fontana (Chaco), Elder Correa!  We had a blast catching up with one another in his area Fontana (Formosa).  You can say its coincidence, but I like to think that God has a great sense of humor as well. ja ja.  But we went to his area that it really way out in the boonies, we walked forever and I said to him that we should follow this road that looked like it went to nowhere, and we ended up finding a new family who was ready to receive the gospel! Miracle? Yes!  Also we went to their colony which was crazy.  It was more of a follow the tribal leader to see where he will take you.  We talked to a lot of families.  I saw a huge horned goat!  And for the first time in over a year, I saw the stars, unrestricted to show their light because there was no other light there in the colony.  I almost cried at their majesty. How I have missed being in nature and being as close to the heavens as I can possibly get without a temple.
The road we thought was to nowhere- we find a family
ready to receive the gospel

It’s my solemn bond testimony that Jesus Christ is our Lord and King, one in which unites the world under His solid white banner.  I’ve given up so many things and still I have much to give to him and my God.  I know times get hard, when we can’t see one another for so long that it hurts, but it is through Christ that we may be united once again, never to be separated and never out of reach.  It is through the great atoning sacrifice of Christ that we may be saved, after having done all that we can.  I share my testimony humbly in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Elder Burke

The colony

Elder Correa and I hitting it up in Fontana

Our mission prep class with our missionaries
"Behold the field is white and ready to Harvest"

Eduardo (our investigator) 

cocinamos hamburguesas y tuvimos pepas

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