Monday, November 16, 2015

Do not be afraid to act

November 9, 2015

Well seeing as there has been a lot of news from all of you guys out where you are, I felt like first off I would say... GO GRANDMA BURKE!!!!  I asked her to give a big, wet kiss for my little brother Alex and she did more than just that.  She went the whole 9 yards to give him a ton of kisses and give my brother probable PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). ja ja.  I died laughing when my mother told me what happened.  So its heartwarming to know that my family is still its crazy old self.  Also I hope that all my family members know that I love them so much and that I will forever be grateful to our Heavenly Father who gave His only begotten Son as a sacrifice, that we may see our loved ones yet again.  May all my love and comfort be to those who have lost dear family and friends.  The Plan of Salvation is a perfect plan, even for the most unseen and brutal and harsh mishaps and passings that this world throws at us.  Stay strong, and hold firm to the rod as have thousands of Disciples of Christ.

If my words don’t help, I hope that the words of Jeffery R Holland can help:

gospel principles class
This week I have never seen such a great success in our contacts as I have had before in our mission. It’s amazing and especially for Corrientes.  We are constantly waiting for the spirit and if we feel like talking to someone then we just do it.  God is good and never will we become tired of doing good unto others.  His spirit guides us to do good, so if the impression is to do good it’s of the spirit and of God.  So don’t question it and just do it.  We have had a lot of new people to talk to and even other people who are people I have met when I was here before . Now I am enjoying the blessings of the good impressions we have left on other people.

Matias didn’t come to church again and it was because he had other things to do but said he could come for an hour.  But as usual we are just being patient and we teach the blessings that people can receive if they do what we invite them to do.  Of course it will be a bit different and maybe uncomfortable at first, but isn’t that how it is with everything different and new?  It’s what we feel.  Basically it’s like working out for the first time.  You go to a new gym and even do things you’ve never done and even after you are sore, but then you are strengthened and then ready for bigger weights, bigger goals and better health.  So we are working hard with him.

We found Rosa Flores again and we couldn’t talk with her again but we said we would pass by next week.  As we were returning to our pension after walking for a long time we were passing by her house.  There is a main road close by and there is an elevated sidewalk on the side.  On this sidewalk were many horses grazing in the front lawns of people.  Usually we hear them so that they can move for us but before doing anything we heard a man yell from the street below.  He stopped on his motorcycle and was pointing to the group of horses there and helped us see that the 1 year old granddaughter of Hermana Rosa Flores had wandered from her house without notice and was literally 6 inches from being kicked by a full 500 lbs. horse or worse trampled to the ground. A calmness over took me as I advanced, walking silently within the group of horses.  All were faced away from me eating, and one startled noise or movement could have frightened the horses to kick me and possibly injure or take my life.  But as I moved quietly and normally, I picked up her granddaughter and took her to safety at her grandma’s house just a couple of yards away, without anything happening to the both of us.  I feel like it’s in moments like these where God tests us, to see what is more important, our lives or the lives of others.  Those who accept Christ and die in Christ will have a better life than those who pass away without him.  I felt an assurance that our loving Heavenly Father would guide and protect us both, even if it seemed crazy to do such.  But having faith in Christ and everything gives us protection and even the power to do good in this world.

We have been going with Joaquin and Sandra a lot, visiting many people and they are awesome as always to help us with our investigators.  Just yesterday we went with Joaquin and Juan Romero to see some people and their skills and talents have helped us come closer to the investigators that we are teaching.  So my testimony is huge in that members do make the difference.  If you are a member I challenge you to do what I wished I would have done when I was back at home; go out one day with the missionaries and just be around them.  Help them in their appointments, and even get to know them.  You will see just how big of an impact you will make with giving one day with visiting people, or even 2 hours.  Go, do it when you have a free day or even a couple hours and see how great the gospel is.

I cooked sloppy joes for Elder Montero and he really liked it.  I loved it and also we have been working out, as hard as you can in a garage with only your own body weight as a weight.  It’s hard but when I get home I’ll be in the gym super-fast. ja ja.

I love you all and hope that you are all well!

Love Elder Burke

teaching a family outside and it started raining

Birthday lunch with Hermana Mara

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