Friday, February 19, 2016

Look on the Bright Side of Life

February 15, 2016
Well.... let’s just say it gets hard sometimes in the mission. 

We were working pretty hard and doing our best to help with so many families and investigators and sadly we had a couple of them who told us that they aren’t really seeing it or aren’t really showing it.  It’s the biggest of let-downs from what I have seen in my life, is when people don’t want to continue, don’t want to keep going to church, or just give up and say something silly like "I’m really busy right now and can’t do this anymore."  It’s actually more of what you hear in the mission that what you would want to think.  But you have to look at the bigger picture always.  There will always be more black in the sky than the bright light that the stars give, but the darkness doesn’t over power the light.  There always seem to be more people doing bad than good, but those who do good and obey the commandments of God are the ones blessed in this life and for the life hereafter.  I feel like when Christ said "strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it." (Matt7:14) it was a warning to us that those who truly enter in the path of discipleship to follow the Prince of Peace, should understand that we won’t be many. 

The gospel of Jesus Christ is for every one of every size, color, gender, and all other distinguishing characteristics of the human race. “For many are called, but few are chosen." (Matt 22:14)  Few are chosen because the majority of people do not want to change themselves to follow ALL of the commandments that Heavenly Father gives us.  Everyone has an equal chance to receive the eternal life that our Father in Heaven has for us, but we cannot sit and think that we will be changed instantly when we come to the Father.  WE must change OURSELVES.  For those who are following on the path of discipleship: Don’t focus on what other people are doing.  Focus on what you are doing.  Don’t make excuses to change church standards just because you have seen other members change for that, the Holy Ghost helps us discern between good and bad, follow his promptings so that you can continue on the strait and narrow way. 

We did however manage to find a great new start in a little passage way that is somewhat hidden in a huge group of houses.  We found that all the houses that are next to one another are actually all family that live super close.  We taught of the family and the restoration of the gospel and the light in the eyes of these new investigators was present and you could tell that they felt the love of God touch their spirits.  It was really great and we will be seeing how they progress. 

We are also reactivating a huge family that is now coming to the church.  It gets hard with the amount of drama that passed in the world but after all is said and done, Christ can fix whatever problem that has happened, is happening, or will happen in the near future.  Hold strong and don’t let anyone tell you what God thinks of you, just pray and hear his own voice speak peace to your soul. 

There are some things to announce... We are moving tomorrow to a new pension!  Yup it’s gonna be my first move here in the mission so we will be Argentining it up with a Flete (Moving Truck) and hoping it doesn’t rain.  It’s been raining a lot lately, and we have been caught without umbrellas a lot.  It’s one moment sunny, then the rain drops a ton, then we are having a nice humid, muggy, hot day afterwards.  Meanwhile we are changing wet socks and putting on boots to go back out and work and within 15 minutes of being out, there is nothing but sun, so of course everyone looks at you funny thinking "What’s up with this tipaso huh?  Walking around with boots and an umbrella when there is nothing but blue skies." ja ja- but they can ask us why and we will be happy to talk to them

As for investigators we still have Angela and Alipio but no one came to the church so we are trying new plans to get them to come and keep the Sabbath day holy.

Hope all is well and that you all look on the bright side of life, it may be small in comparison with all the dark in the world but remember:
Good always beats Bad, Light always over powers Darkness, and the Latter Day Saints who keep their covenants with God will overcome the very powers of hell. 

Love Elder Burke

Picture: Elder Sanchez and I eating up that pizza!

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