Monday, September 1, 2014

Taylor calls home on his way to Argentina

August 25, 2014  4:08 pm

It was so good to hear Elder Burke’s voice again.  I can’t believe he is on his way to Argentina.  He called from the Atlanta airport during his layover.  This mom was stressing because I thought for sure I would hear from him at the Salt Lake Airport. We called Matt at work and put him on the call and then Alex and Brianna came in the room and we all talked to him together on the call.   He said they left the MTC this morning at 6am and took the train (front-runner) to Salt Lake and then took Trax to the airport.  He said it took forever to get there and then to get everything checked in.  He said there were about 50 missionaries all traveling to Argentina today- wow!! There was also another 30 or so missionaries leaving today also.  Picture that group on the train and walking around the airport.  They are all flying into Buenos Aires and then will get to their final destinations somehow.  Taylor only has his flight plans to Buenos Aires and has no idea when or how he will get to Resistencia.  There are 6 elders in his district (of 12) that are all going to Resistencia.

He said the flight was good and said he met up and talked on the flight with an aircraft mechanic from the Air Force.  He was very interested in what missions are and Taylor said they had such a great discussion.  He talked about how this guy reminded him of “dad”- hmmm, military, aircraft mechanic… maybe a coincidence?? I don’t think so.  He ended up giving him a book of Mormon and the guy committed to read it.  Taylor was so excited and said the guy seemed genuinely interested and it was fun to talk with him. 
He was so excited.  Sunday nights they have a devotional and then they get to watch a movie (church one of course).  He and Michael (Elder Butler) sat by each other and said they talked during the whole movie…what a tender mercy to be together in the MTC and then to spend Taylor’s last night in the MTC hanging out together and talking.  Taylor was so excited to spend so much time with Michael.

He has absolutely loved the MTC, but is so excited to get to Argentina.  His favorite part of the MTC was teaching the “mock” investigators.  The food is good but “gives you way bad gas”.  He loved getting some chicken from the airport- said it was sooo yummy.  The thing that has been the hardest is the “sleep thing”- he misses being able to take a nap whenever he is super tired and needs a pick up (Taylor loved his naps at home).  He seems so excited and not nervous at all.  Funniest thing he said….”we need to go find a payphone and figure out how to use it so Elder Pace can call home”.  I told him to just use up all the minutes on the phone with all the other elders and make sure they all can call home.  With that many missionaries traveling and the few payphones that are around now….I am so glad I sent him a cell phone to use and throw away.

So…off he goes.  He sounds great, not homesick at all and ready to be in Argentina.  He’s ready for the culture shock also.

Love this Boy!!!

                                           Last night in MTC (Sept 24) with Elder Butler

                                            He makes it to Buenos Aires, Argentina

New Elders arrive in Resistencia

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