Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Natividad y Maria Meza!!!

January 5, 2015  (week 19 in Argentina)

Hola de Argentina!
Our Zone- Hermanas Salinas, Hernadez, Elder Swingle, Allred,
Ware and  Burke

So we have had an awesome New Year’s (honestly Christmas was better) by being in early at 7 in the afternoon.  We got to listen to the warzone of fireworks outside our pension.  It was awesome to hear every firework imaginable and illegal in probably all of the States of America explode throughout the night!  Elder Ware and Swingle made some pretty good banana bread and Elder Allred and I talked about community and funny stories.  We have been having lots of fun teaching too!

Ester- (Ramon Junco's sister)
SO… remember the Aguado family?  Well, we have a date now for their baptism on the 24 of January!  Awesome!  Finally!  So we are excited for that.  They came to church and Natividad and Maria Meza came as well.  Even our other investigators, Walter and Romina came!  Church was awesome as we got to hear the testimonies of many members of the ward.  Testimonies are what make this church true.

We got some terrible food poisoning from some bad chicken we ate, elder Swingle and I, and we had to stay in the pension for the rest of the night and the next day!  We went and saw those who we needed to see that day.  Yeah it was the worst.  Elder Swingle was throwing up, I was stuck in the bathroom all day.  It’s just another day in Argentina! Ja ja ja!  We even went and dug a 5 foot hole for the Familia Gomez so they can put their water tank in the ground.  I now understand a little bit what Stanley Yelnats went through in the book “Holes”.  Three hours and it was super-hot!  But, we got to go back to the pension and enjoy the fruits of food poisoning.  I love pepto- bismal.

Natividad and Maria Meza are the best family we have prepared for baptism!  It’s on the 17th and if any of you would like to send a letter of encouragement to them, we can translate it for you or you can use google translate. Natividad is a single mother who lives with her 15 year old daughter Maria.  Both are hilarious and loving. They understand that we need to study the scriptures to gain a knowledge of their power.  We are going to have a FHE with them tonight and there will be pictures next week for sure!  Help route for them!

Over all this week has been pretty good.  Sorry for the briefness but it’s all you get sometimes with only one hour in a week to write!  But I try my best.  Love all of you!!!

Elder Burke
Our Church in Saenz Pena

Puppy on my shoe from Natividad and Maria's home

Zone goof-offs!!

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