Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Power of Family

January 26, 2015 (week 22 in Argentina)

Over the years I’ve come to know just a tiny part of our Heavenly Father’s Divine plan for all of us.  It is beyond our comprehension in how grand it really is, but it can be summed up into one word: Family.

So this week we have taught Natividad and Maria and many other families about the Plan of Salvation, the importance of the family, and the temple work that comes with these things.  They are beyond excited to go to the temple and want to go now.  But as you know, they have to wait and remain faithful in following the commandments before they can receive such powerful knowledge and truth from the temple.  They still are beyond excited to go and see the temple and learn more about it.

We did service for the Cantero family again as we smashed rocks and also played with their cute new puppies. (Hey I didn’t say who the service was for in the photo I sent.) Ja ja!  But it was awesome nonetheless!  It was great to see this family strong in the gospel and how united they were as a family!  We were of course tired afterwards because, you know the missionary work-out only involves a good 30 minutes every day doing sit ups and push-ups.  So anything out of the normal workout hurts afterwards.  But we are the masters of walking!  I’m pretty sure I’ve walked over 500 miles here in Argentina.  Wish I could keep track of that. Ja ja!
Service for the Canteros, smashing rocks and bricks
We had a family home evening with the Mercados and the Aguado family and my zone leader who I just absolutely, love Elder Hidalgo de Equador, was there.  The Mercado family taught about the power of the family using THE FAMILY, A PROCLAMATION TO THE WORLD and all shared their powerful testimonies of this gospel and how it has made their family truly strong and powerfully united!

I testify that truly this divine gospel teaches the family to be the best it can possibly be.  Every family member that I have is now closer to me because I have learned how important each one of them is.  From family members from the Burke side or the Butler side, I have never been so proud to call such remarkable and awe-inspiring, the greatest of titles one can give: Family.  I know that God our Eternal Father lives and gives us the power to bless our family through his teachings and His ways.  Not only has this helped me have better relationships with my direct and extended family, but also to the adopted family members in my family tree which I once called friends.

I say these humble words in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Love, Elder Burke
Some church members gave us these goblets....they are Awesome!!!

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