Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Feliz Nuevo Año!!! (Happy New Year)

December 29, 2014 (Week 18 in Argentina)

Hola from Argentina!
This cute little kid lives next door to us and calls us "amigo" every time we pass by.
 Christmas happened!  It was awesome and so much fun!

We went out caroling on the 24th in the park, with us, Elder Allred and Elder Ware, and Hermana Salinas and Hermana Hernandez.  Nobody really stopped and listened to us, but we sang our hearts out as we were caroling to our heart’s content.  The one guy that stopped and listened was a tad bit sad because he walked up to us and was thanking us for singing.  Afterwards we were in the pension for the 24th and 25th at 7 in the afternoon. The twenty-forth was nuts with the amount of fireworks they shoot off during the night!  It literally sounded like a war zone!!!! 

Our Christmas Tree

42 empanadas with pudding for Christmas Dinner
The twenty-fifth we got to talk to our families and of course we were super excited to see our families! Thanks mom and dad for the good laughs and thanks Alex and Brianna for being the same siblings I left over 5 months ago!  LoL… you guys are so awesome and funny.  We had a nice dinner with the other elders that live next to us and we ordered 42 empanadas and had another pudding (see Pics).  We sang and talked to the awesome people that we are teaching about Christ and His birth and just how important we all are to Him.

Christmas Dinner with Elders Burke, Swingle, Ware and Allred

This week has been hot as you can imagine and we have been sweating like pigs out here as we see our families that we go teaching.  We had the Agilars and the Mezas at church this Sunday!!! Wooohooo!  They loved it and were so happy that they went.  The Meza family is a nice older lady named Natividad (Christmas themed and her b-day is on the 25th) and her daughter Maria.  Both know of the importance of reading the scriptures and studying something before throwing it out. They are both awesome investigator!
Hand-made wind chimes from Hermana Aguado

Beautiful wind chimes

Elder Hidalgo and I

Study time with Elder Hidalgo

Dinner anyone?
Overall, this week has been full of love and I hope that everyone has a Happy New Year.  Make New Year’s resolutions that you know you will keep!

Love you all and have a Happy New Year!

Con Amor,

Elder Burke

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