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April 6, 2015 (week 32 in Argentina)

As you can probably tell with the amount of people sharing the same joy of Easter and that Christ Lives, that many people are happy with such knowledge to know that a Savior was given to us that if we believe in Him, we might be saved.  I testify to everyone who reads this letter that I am not unwavering in my testimony of my Savior, Jesus Christ, and that He has personally saved me, not just from the falling world that we live in today, but from natural self.

We had a lot of fun as Elder Nava and I are helping Pedro learn more about the gospel, but it becomes hard when he has a difficult time understanding the true doctrine of Christ.  But have faith and know that it isn't us that are teaching him, but the Spirit that is teaching all of us.  He probably will not be baptized this Saturday, but we hope to help him prepare for the next week if possible.

Elder Nava and I are learning so much from one another and our strength as a companionship gives us more joy in the small times we can find someone who is willing to learn about the gospel.  I've learned that there is nothing on this earth we can do to convince the children of men to accept the gospel, it must be all of their will to make the decisions and to have the thirst to search deeper in the meaning "he that believeth on me shall never thirst." (John 6:35) Yet I am still happy beyond my capacity when we find just one person or just working.  Always look on the bright-side of life; it does one better to see the way things really are by looking in an illuminated room than a dark room.

We had a lot of fun during this week as everyone was enjoying our messages about the Pascua (Easter and Passover) and how Christ is Risen!  He lives. It was different because there are always a lot of people blasting their music throughout the day, and what was really neat was that during the three day worship that many Catholics do, was that for three days, most of the streets and such were quiet.  It was like a ghost town when we walked around Friday.  It was so peaceful and I really noticed how much of the day to day activity and commotion we make is a lot of noise.  But we loved the opportunity to have a lesson where we weren't next to someone’s house that was blasting music during our lesson (you get used to it and your ability to focus in on a conversation really improves).  Also I loved reading the scripture in Luke 24:5 "Why seek ye the living among the dead?" It makes me think of how people didn't even comprehend just exactly what Christ did for us. He did what no man could ever do: Live after Death.

Afterwards we had CONFERENCE!!!  It was like the super bowl for me because I was just enjoying every tiny detail and talk that I got to hear. And I wish to talk about the one talk that touched my heart with the greatest amount of love.  I never knew how deep and how profound it was.  Jeffery R Holland talked about such love and used such a beautiful story of two brothers and the love for one another as they were rock climbing without harnesses.  I can’t find the link on the church website, but I hope that in the blog there will be a link so that all can watch.

I learned many things as the two brothers were up high, nowhere to go.   First, that the older brother showed his love by pushing his little brother to safety while knowing exactly that he would probably not make it. I saw that as how those who take it in their life as their duty to protect and serve, especially our little brothers, we think that we do not need saving, that we will die a heroic death and that it’s not about us.  But that wasn't God’s Plan.  He wants ALL of his children to be back in his kingdom, so he sent a Savior that we may be saved.  When the older brother made the leap for the ledge and found that he had no hold and was doomed to fall, his younger brother was there waiting.  It touched my heart so deep to know that first I have such a Brother that would do that for me.  My brother Alex whom I love so much, came to my mind as I heard the story being cited that when the older brother, who thought that when he sent his younger brother away, that he may not have his brother see him fall, was there waiting, for he knew he would try a stupid move like that.  I would imagine that the little brother must have known that if he tried to save his brother, he too could be pulled down to the depths of the canyon ravine as well. Brothers are a deep kind of love that I hadn't really thought about; they don’t show it in kisses, hugs, or handshakes, but in their actions of pure unfeigned love of sacrifice.  I would most certainly die for my brother and he for me and to realize this new deeper meaning of love has brought me to write this day.  This story showed me the amount of love Christ has for every one of us.

Every one of us has that one person that we call brother or sister, they can be blood-related, non-related, old, young, strong, weak, across the world, or across the veil, they are that one person that we would do anything for, anything, even give our lives if necessary.  And sometimes they don’t even know that we love them so.  And when we learn that "Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends" (John 15:13) we don’t really think that one man has already done such for us.  I testify as those two brothers who sacrificed together and made it to the top of the canyon wall with their lives, is the exact same way we too can make it back to our Heavenly Father.  Our brother Jesus Christ is waiting for us to take the leap and at most times we don’t even know that he is there.  If you love that one person enough to die for them, imagine how much the Son of God loves you personally, he sacrificed himself that you may not fall.  I testify that He lives, loves, and is waiting for all of you. I love my Brother Alex more deeply as I have come to feel the Savior’s love and only wish that all of you know how loved you are.  And I say these things in the name of Him Jesus Christ, Amen.

Elder Burke
Many Thanks!!!
Thanks for all the letters and the peanut butter!  The kids here in Argentina love the candy that you sent and the rings! ha ha!  I died laughing at every one of the letters I got and I felt your guys love from the video that you sent.  I will be writing you guys letters here soon and you’ll probably get them all during June-ish, depending on the time! Love you all!

Soy de BOCA y mi CompaƱero es de RIVER

McDonalds- this was 100 pesos!  I miss the States but it tastes the same!
Tacos with the Elders

MMMMMM...Peanut Butter!!!

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