Thursday, April 16, 2015

Feliz Cumpleaños a Mi!

April 13, 2015 (week 33 in Argentina)

Hola de Corrientes Argentina!

So first off, I’ll talk about one of our investigators who is really awesome, but we couldn’t do much for him because he had some reasons as to why he could not be baptized.  But now, as of yesterday, he told us that he can be baptized!!!  His name is Juan Romero and he is the coolest investigator!  He has been going to church since September and has even gone on splits with the missionaries and he isn’t a member!  He sadly lives alone but he finds so much to do in the church and that really helps him a lot!  So we are looking forward to the 25th of April for his baptism! Woohoo!

Happy 21st Birthday Elder Burke
So I just want to tell everyone… MUCHAS GRACIAS!!!! for the birthday wishes and cards!  I absolutely loved everything that I got and the cards made me laugh harder when I tried to explain the jokes to my non gringo companion. I wish that I could have all the time in the world to write all of you personally and give you all my thanks, but sadly there are some things we don’t get the luxury to do here in the mission.  Still though, everyone’s wishes for my happy birthday really made it pass by really fast and made it fun even though it basically was just another day.

During my Birthday a lot of things happened.  First off... because there are so many people here in the mission that are getting sick, president made the decision that all the missionaries have to stop eating with members.  Yeah it sucks.  But it’s for the best and since I have been receiving all the calls from the sick elders, I’ve been doing my best to help others follow this new rule.  It won’t be the best for me because I am not a big fan of cooking, but I guess it’s learn how to cook or starve- so wish me luck!  And as for the rule, there were three families who wanted to feed me pizza, asado (BBQ) and more pizza... I hated to break the news to all of them that we couldn’t eat anything from them that has meat or is in a place that is not well kept.  I really was sad for that, but the good exception was that if it is something sugary like a cake or something it would be fine... sooooo Happy birthday to me!  I ate that cake like nobodies business and also I shared it.  The cake was from a kind older lady named Hermana Ayala.  She made pizza too but we couldn’t eat it... Sometimes I hate following the rules, but I understand that it’s not worth the risk of dying to eat pizza here in Argentina.  But if it was Pizza Hut’s stuffed crust meat lovers... I’d eat it, so it’s good that they don’t make pizza as good as they do in the states.  Oh also I almost died on my birthday too.... we were crossing the street and this guy cuts the corner and is heading straight for us and hits the breaks and barely touches me.  I guess I’m in somebody’s prayers, but it isn’t the first time. But it was nice to see that I could possibly live to enjoy being 21.

We went and visited families with our president of the branch; he is really head-strong, loving, and awesome.  Did I also mention that he is blind?  Yes that’s right, he will leave with us and hold on to one of our shoulders and let us guide him to houses in Argentina.  He has helped us a lot with helping people be reactivated.  Also he is really funny.

Overall this week has passed by superfast and it really doesn’t feel any different from the others.  But I once again thank all of those who wished me a happy birthday and took their time to send me a card or just a small message; it really means a lot to me.  I love all of you guys.

hasta el proximo lunes! 
chow chow!

elder burke

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