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Mendoza al Sur: Part II

March 25, 2015 (week 30 in Argentina)

Hola de Mendoza al Sur, Argentina!!!! Que tal mis amigos y familiares??? ja ja!
Elders Ortega, Stout, Fiabane, Burke, Nava, Flick
Top to Bottom

Well this week has no shortage of miracles and new experiences for all of us missionaries. I’ve learned a lot, taught a lot, and ate a lot! ja ja But there is no shortage of the love and joy that I feel every time I get to know the people of Argentina and the many miracles from our loving Heavenly Father.

The first miracle was the many revelations that we receive for the questions in our hearts.  Many a time I have had problems and fears of not being the best of what I could be, but with assurance, Heavenly Father hears my prayers. During our time here in Corrientes, Elder Nava and I have had hard problems trying to find new people, but we found one.  Elder Nava calls him our Amulek.  When Ammon was preaching the gospel to the Nephites and no one would listen nor wanted him around, but as sure enough the Lord blessed Ammon by finding one.  His name is Pedro, he is a humble man with a very keen intellect in the doctrine of Christ.  He asked us if we do anointing with oil and blessings like it says in the bible and we were shocked because it very rare to find someone who has actually read the bible here.  We were showing him the Book of Mormon and explaining to him it’s importance and he asked us about baptism.  We invited him to be baptized and he accepted!  April 11!!! Wooooohoooo!  We are super excited to help him along the way and that we could find someone who is willing to be baptized!
Elder Nava and Burke

We had Elder Luñez of the seventy come and talk to us today about baptisms and how can we come to be better in our purpose as missionaries.  It was nuts because I could see more of my friends from other missions and there are many new faces!  It’s crazy how much news we get every transfer.  It’s crazy to see all these people!  I got to see Elder Swingle and Elder Allred and they gave me cards from Hermana Maria and Natividad!!!  They’re alright and say hi to my family!  They miss me terribly but not to worry I sent back with elder Swingle a bunch of cards.

Mejores companeros en el mundo
(Best partners in the world)
We had district conference and one of the speakers helped us understand our importance as missionaries and also as members. The main speaker said "Satanas odio las misioneros, aquellos que están preparando a ser misioneros, que son misioneros, o ex misioneros." Satan hates missionaries; those who are preparing to be a missionary, that are a missionary, or are a returned missionary.  He hates them because of the endless studying and teaching and serving with the gospel.  This doesn't mean that those who don’t serve a full time mission aren't hated as well. "Every Member a missionary!"  Satan doesn't want any more of the spread of happiness and joy and will destroy the entire world if he can, to stop it.  We need to fortify those who are not spiritually strong and help them become self-reliant in their defense against the adversary.  It was something that I loved and it showed us the importance of institute and seminary.  Constantly work to have the spirit and fortify yourself with the word of God. It will help you always.

Another cool story is that when we were traveling in remis (taxi service) to the district meeting, I talked to the driver for a good 20 minutes about his kids, he showed me awesome photos of when he cut his achilles tendon (not sure if I spelled that right?) which was super gory and it reminded me of the hospital and how I am weird and love stuff like that!!!  But when we got to the end of our trip I invited him to come to church and shared my testimony.  He was super interested and was very nice.  Turns out he lives in Elder Flick and Elder Stout’s area so I gave them his address after he said yes that we could come visit his family.  Elder Flick and Elder Stout hugged me Sunday night telling me they went to the man’s house and they said that they've been looking for something better for their family and what do you know the next couple of days you get 4 elders crammed into a tiny remis.   I absolutely loved that the spirit was there and all I did was get to know him and show sincere love and concern for his family.  That is what this gospel is all about; everything good that comes from action, words, or thoughts is from Heavenly Father.  Don’t be afraid to share joy and happiness with someone else because remember Satan hates missionaries, and it’s our duty as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saint to help those in need and be happy like we are.

I absolutely love this gospel and the comfort and peace it brings to those in need.  If you’re a member, help someone who isn't a member come to know more about the gospel.  If you’re not a member watch this and know that you are loved and not alone.  I testify as a personal representative of Jesus Christ that He lives and that we are not alone in our struggles here upon the earth.  Help those in need who do not know that He lives, believe that He can help.  I testify that you will feel more peace in your moments of despair.  I love you, Christ loves you, and most of all Heavenly Father loves you.  I share these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

With love, Elder Burke
Street painting here in Mendoza al sur- I had to take all of these
pictures during the siesta when all the chorros (thieves)
are sleeping- so my camera wouldn't get stolen!

Elders Ortega, Stout, Fiabane, Burke, Nava, Flick
(top to bottom)

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