Tuesday, August 4, 2015

I got to know more about Pirane!

August 3, 2015

Welcome to Pirane
Hey guys from stinky fish (Pirane literal translation from Guatani) ja ja and it’s been good as ever! We are going hard, Elder Stock and I, and I have never been so busy in my life as a missionary.  I feel like I forgot to give a couple details in my last letter so I will say what’s going on.  So I’m a District Leader, meaning I am in charge of some areas and the Elders and Hermanas (sisters) that are in my district.  I call them every night to make sure they are alright and also hear how their day went.  I am in charge of making sure that they are doing their best, but also as their mission nurse I also make sure that they are feeling their best! ja ja!

Funny story was that yesterday night we were super far away from an appointment (17 blocks worth!) and we had to be their 5 minutes ago, so we ran all 17 blocks.  It was Elder Stocks first time to go running as a missionary to be on time (3rd world problems right?), and his first run in with dogs trying to eat you on the way.  He told me he almost wet himself when a huge German shepherd tried eating my backpack.  I told him that was my 4th or 5th time now almost dying by dog.  His eyes were pretty wide when I said that.  Welcome to Argentina son! ha ha

Also the thing is that I am finishing the training of Elder Stock, yup I have another step son, like elder Swingle!  So it’s really crazy because he is trying to adjust to everything and of course his Spanish is about a 30 percent of understandability.  Also he is trying to show me the area but also we get lost sometimes and even try to find his investigators.  Man have I never been so busy trying to doing a lot of things all at once.  More calls as people get sick, trying to help two elders and two hermanas with their areas, training and translating for my companion, reporting to Zone Leaders what’s going on.  Yeah... it’s a bit tiring, but as usual the Lord helps me complete all the tasks that I need to do to bring about better success in everything I do.

This week has been “the get to know everyone week” and meet all of those who Elder stock and his older companion (his real father) have been teaching.  A lot of them have sadly fallen through and there are others that are progressing.  We found someone new too!  Her name is Virginia and I’m really excited to see how she progresses.   She learned a lot about of the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ through the pamphlet we gave her and she read all of it and had a huge understanding of how it works.  She feels it’s true but wants to do everything we invite her to do with her husband, whom we haven’t met yet.  So we will be trying hard to teach her all she needs to make a good decision.  But we will see how he reads the Book of Mormon.

As district leader, I have to do some things to help benefit the team of missionaries we have here.  I have to basically teach them how to do better or understand better a part of the gospel, so that they can be better missionaries.  I had to do it Tuesday, and man it was different to teach it than to listen to it like before.  But it opened my understanding to how learn in a new way.  I’m putting my studies more towards them, so I can help them, and in turn I am learning more.  Maybe it’s a new perspective that helps us learn something new.  I think that’s why we have callings for short periods of time.  We end up changing our perspectives from being student to teacher or from follower to leader and it makes us better people.  There is always a perspective and different view to see one thing and for me it helps me have more patience and love for others. We all get frustrated when we don’t understand right?  When there is a misunderstanding, or perhaps we dont understand completely what is going on, so we make assumptions.  Heavenly Father wants us to learn everything, so he gives us experiences so that we can further our understanding.  Because if we know what it’s like to be in the other persons’ situation, we won’t judge them or be impatient with their “mistakes”, but we will understand.

That was Christ’s perspective, He knew what was going on in the lives of these so called sinners and evil-doers, but he forgave them.  There are so many stories of great forgiveness from Him and it’s because He knows their stories, our stories, the why we do things.  So it makes sense that if we want to have a better understanding of people we have to be in their shoes or have different points of views that we have to see.  So don’t judge so quickly, try to see why they did what they did first or why they are like the way they are.

I love this gospel and it brings a huge understanding of how I can be a better person full of love, patience and compassion, Love you all and hope you have a great week!

Elder Burke

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