Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Elder Goyocochea, President Franco, Elder Burke
July 14, 2015  (week 46 in Argentina)
Gooood Morning Everyone who read this! Or afternoon...

So this week has been filled with a lot of things... but it isn’t as much as the freaking mud that is found everywhere here in Clorinda.  We don’t have any normal paved streets, just a whole lot of mud, mud, and more mud.  I have only used my regular shoes for two out of the seven days in the week!  Also it’s a hassle to hang clothes out and dry them when it’s raining or so cold and humid.  If there is one thing, just one thing I could change about the world it would be that everywhere would be just dry enough that your clothes can dry within one day.  That’s all I’ll ever ask!  Ja ja… but enough with the growing and moaning and gnashing of teeth.  The fun stuff!

So we found this wonderful couple named Grisela and Juan Carlos.  They both are so freaking awesome.  They couldn’t at all come to the church this week but they will come the next week!  When we first them it was great because Grisela was with her friends and she asked a lot of questions and we told her how she could better strengthen her relationship with God.  The second time we talked she told us that there was such a good spirit in their house after we left that they both started doing things together and talking like a regular couple should.  Man they told us they just feel good when we teach them.  We will see what happens when we ask them to get married!

We taught a lesson with a bunch of inactive members and there was a funny story from one of them.  We were talking to them and they had their cute little nena (little girl) who was being super cute.  We made the joke if she could say the prayer in bebenese and right after my companion said that the baby started babbling loud and really fast.  Super funny!

We had interviews in Formosa yesterday so we couldn’t write so we are having our P day now.  The interviews were good; we talked a lot about how we all can improve ourselves by being obedient and following the commandments and mission rules.  It was good and I loved the road trip we had to do for two hours there and back.  It flew by as we were singing and getting to know one another as a zone.  It was super fun!

Great Companions!!
I can’t wait to tell all of you these stories in person because I feel like these letters are never enough, but I am writing every day in my journal to remind me! ja ja

Love you all!
Elder Dana (he looks and acts just like Alex)

Elder Burke

Game Night!!

Doctor Elder Burke
My companion tries a hammock for the first time

Elder Renud, me and Hermanas Lanfranco and Puima


Dragon Ball -Z

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