Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Why do I have to go?

July 28, 2015

Reunion - Elder Allen and I
So of all the crazy things that has happened this past week, I can’t feel a little sad that I won’t be around to see what happens in my little area of Clorinda.  Yup that’s right I got transferred to a new area, but it’s still in Formosa- called Pirane!  There is even more juicer details as now I am in the area of my trainer (Elder Allen) where he started! Ja ja!  Loco no?  Yeah it’s pretty crazy that I’m here in his old area and I got to see him when I was coming here in the bus terminal.  He’s awesome right now, but he’s close to ending his mission or “dying” as we say.  So as the mission nurse I was pretending to be all worried because he only has five weeks to live. ja ja!
Pirane is awesome and I am once again training, well finishing the training of Elder Stock- one more step son for me!  ja ja!  He’s pretty goofy, but has basically no fear to talk to people. It’s nicer here in Formosa than in the other parts of the mission as in terms of hospitality.  He is from the states. Literally from the states as in more than one because his family always moves to different places and it’s not for work.  He was last living in Missouri but also lived in Lehi.  It’s gonna be a fun 6 weeks!  And also I miss my old companion, Elder Goycochea.  That guy taught me a lot of things on how to be a better missionary.  I was kind of going through the motions, but he taught me how to make the motions and have a ton of fun while doing it! ja ja. 
Ward Activity was a hit!
Ribs- Thanks for the recipe mom!
This week we had a ward activity where we cooked food from different countries, well our countries!  Elder Remund and I cooked an American BBQ with them mashed potatoes!  I made really delicious BBQ ribs with an awesome spice that is close to being like the outback steak seasoning (thanks mom for sending me the info on that!).  A lot of people loved it and wanted more!  Elder Goycochea did a combination of Mexican and Peruvian Tacos that were really good! Hilary and Giovani made Pandebonos which is a really delicious cheese bread!  They took us to the activity in their moto cart which was beyond awesome!  And the night was so much fun.  We had a lot of members and investigators there enjoying the food and also sharing with one another.  They were really happy. I was happy to serve them something from the states that they liked!  The last time I wrote I talked about Flor and how she is back on track to following Christ.  She went to the activity and basically looked like a member because she wore a Sunday skirt to the activity.  She couldn’t come to the church though Sunday because she has now another obstacle, which is her family. They don’t really support her and she couldn’t go.  But she was awesome and gave me an awesome picture frame she made!

Also a while ago Pablo wasn’t really progressing because he told us he wanted time to think about making a decision and basically disappeared, but I called him the night I was leaving and he was super happy to hear from us and wanted to talk.  So we talked in the terminal and he has been thinking a lot in how he wants to start doing what he needs to do to be a missionary, which is be baptized first.  Yeah it’s pretty crazy how everyone is making big comebacks, but I sadly won’t be around to see them get baptized.  I’m definitely gonna miss them.

There has been a wonderful understanding of how important it is to have unity in everything.  If you look at how one person on a team can do many things, imagine a team of people who can do their part. Everything has a part to play.  When we are part of a team it is useless for the quarterback to be jealous of the lineman or running back because his part is different than the others.  We all need to understand that there is diversity in our lives and what makes this work so marvelous is that it works even in diversity.  God has many situations and problems that he fixes in our lives, but there are specific tools for specific problems.  Everyone has a part to play and so even though I was in Clorinda for 6 weeks, I feel like I played my part in the preparation of people to accept the gospel.  I find people who have great talents, but are frustrated because they can’t do what others can.  Be of good cheer, because your part is important, even if it is small.  A man can hear the difference in a symphony if the cello doesn’t play his part.  Have unity in everything and that’s when you can do anything; in your matrimony, in your family, or in your friendships.  Play your part and you will contribute to something much bigger than yourselves.  I will miss Clorinda, but I know that I am part of something bigger than me, and that God does place people in the right places.  I know that our Heavenly Father never makes mistakes in calling people to do the things they need to do.

In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.
Mud destroyed my nice boots!!

Elders Remund, me, Dana (basically Alex) and Heaton
Love,  Elder Burke
Great companions- Elder Goyocochea


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