Sunday, October 25, 2015

Alma Chapters 18-24

October 20, 2015

Well... where to start...

Me and Elder Montero
So there are many things that have happened over this last week and the most will probably bring a lot of questions of my well-being.  However, I would like to say that I am alright and well.  There is nothing better than being a missionary here in Argentina and I will never stop doing my duty to help those in need and preach repentance to the people.

As we were in a trio with Elder Montero, Coates and I, we have been trying to work as one for the last week of Elder Coates.  He’s already flying home right now as I am writing, or is waiting in an airport anxiously waiting.  And that is what we have done.  We are visiting many people, and there are a lot here, in all of Mendoza al Sur.  Well for starters we were robbed.  It was actually pretty different from what I would imagine a robbing would be, but seeing as we are in an area where crime is pretty high, well you just have to deal with it.  As we were going down to see Alejandra in her house at 5 o clock in the day, I was talking a call from an Elder who was sick and we were walking in between the houses and then came from behind two teenage punks.  One was 14 the other 17 I think and basically the 17 year-old went for Elder Montero and Coates and the 14 year-old for me.  The kid tried to take the phone from my hand but I put it up in the air and told him no and he couldn’t get it from me, being tall and all as I am.  He then told me he would kill me with the stick that he had.  I pushed him off and scared him off by yelling at him to beat it.  The other guy took the phone from Elder Montero and then from behind me he ripped off my backpack and they took off running.  We left un-hurt with nothing that was of important value.  We kept on walking down the road and told the cops, but as usual they don’t help a lot.  But we are learning more about how to navigate here in the parts I don’t know.   It gets dangerous at night a lot but we manage to pass by without harm

I don’t share this story to boast of my actions, or to have people feel sorry for us or to worry, I in fact hope to show the power of God manifested as he protects every single one of his obedient and humble missionaries.  I love this area and I will still be here with elder Montero as we go, as the only two now, in our huge area.  We are always being smart and safe and knowing that our backpacks act as our Kevlar for these times of calamity.  I do not wish to hear any type of remarks as to if I am ok, or if we need to be moved.  God put me here and I’m staying till He relieves me of my duty.  It really has helped me understand more of the stories of Ammon and Aaron in the Book of Mormon.   I’m actually reading those parts right now and their success in changing the hearts of people that sought to take their lives.  I’m just fine, as I was before, and we are going to help a lot of people.

So we have an awesome investigator of Elder Lourenco when he was here without me.  His name is Matias.  He is 18 years old and is seeing the changes of the gospel of Jesus Christ in his life.  He used to sleep in forever and not do much, but his aunts told us that they are seeing a difference with him as he got up early to go to church.  We taught the word of wisdom to him and his aunts and they really liked how we as followers of Christ don’t drink Alcohol, Coffee, or Tea, and we don’t smoke or take illegal drugs.  I love explaining this to people because as I worked in the Hospital ER I could see the end results that always come from talking drugs and alcohol or tobacco.  Honestly they are beyond destructive of your physical body, but they destroy who you really are and who you can become if you don’t stop taking it.  What’s more important for you as a family?  Going out and being drunk and possibly not making home alive to your family?  Does smoking just a couple of cigarettes lower the chance of you getting lung cancer?  Being a mother and drinking before you have a kid can harm the chances of your infant growing up to be healthy.  A father who loses control and loses the confidence of his wife and kids as he hurts them physically and verbally?  I honestly am tormented with so much sadness as I see people throw away what they can be when they rely on such substances and take them without a care, and sadly they know fully of the dangers that can obliterate their entire world.  But being a missionary I helped explain and will always tell, that even if you are and addict or have already suffered from the deadly effects of these harsh substances, Christ’s atonement gives us the second chance to stop and change course.  He also gives people the power to move forward and to avoid relapsing.  Matias is awesome and will be baptized here hopefully on the 31st of October.  That’s the birthday of my companion Elder Montero!  ja ja Happy Birthday!

There are a lot of changes in the mission as now I am the only nurse here and I may be taking calls from the Hermanas (sisters) soon.  We will see what happens.  Other than that, we are looking hard for new people and trying to work with progressing investigators.

I love you all as always and love all the photos that you send me! Take care!

Elder Burke

Jorge and Dalma

Noche de goar (FHE) con presidente

Kiara es tan linda!

Dulce de mammon

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