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October 26, 2015

Hola cha amigos y cha amigas!  Ojala que estén bien! Paramuy contento aca en Corrientes y no puedo esperar a ver todo de mis nuevos adventuras esta translado!
New Zone, New Faces
Elders Toledo, Trumbo, Diaz, Me, Stokc, Peters, Felkins, Gonzolaz
So basically there are some pretty awesome stories that you can get to hear this time as being I have plenty of time to write.  Where do I start?

So let us begin by thanking Sandra Gomez who is just the best helper to the missionaries in the world.  She came back from Chile, when I was here the first time in Mendoza Al Sur, and she helped us a ton then too.  We went to visit many people who we have been teaching and she invites them to come to activities, offers her help in everything, and really is doing it because she wants to.  I was thinking of all the blessings she must be receiving the more she is helping us.  Wow.  It also made me more accepting of when I get home and how I can still be a great influence for the missionary work and helping those in need with the missionaries.  While we were walking to another appointment, Elder Montero said to Sandra that she has to show us how it is done contacting someone as a Hermana.  She said ok.  So you would think that she would go talk to whichever person, no, we ended up almost to our appointment until we passed by a nice lady with her dog and like a bullet fired from a gun, she stopped and talked to her.  It was amazing because we all felt the spirit give us the impression that we should talk to her after she greeted us.  And Sandra with her awesome spiritual sensitivity, she was on the ball.  This Lady was super interested and was actually very excited to talk to us, when we go to her house this Tuesday.  She’s been helping us a lot and it’s just one person who is doing a lot of work, that’s what happens to those who go on a mission and serve it well, they don’t stop being missionaries.  Their fire and passion never die.  I can’t imagine what it would be like if we had just three Sandras, or 5 or even 8!  The whole game would be changed and we can talk to more people and bring more people unto Christ!  Booya!

Miracle story:  so as we were walking from a lesson to another, I have had a lot of time in this area so I know it like the back of my hand, I decided to take yet again another short cut as I always do with my companions here and get there in a different way.  I found it weird that I would pick it like that, but more than anything I know now it was an impression to go down that way.  Elder Montero asked me if I knew where I was going, and as usual he gets the confirmation of the yes when we get to where we need to go.  So as we were passing by a couple of homes that wouldn’t have been in our way in any other route, this lady calls for us to come over to her.  So we stopped and went to her and she told us that her daughter was baptized and that her daughter saw us and wants to talk to us.  The daughter’s name is Celena and she is 9.  She is probably the biggest example of faith I will ever find in my entire life.  I have never seen a daughter of God know so much for her age and express her love for the savior by inviting others to come to know of the happiness we have.  We were going to teach her something the next day when we were in her house, but I basically asked her if she wants to be a missionary?  Her smile was super big and said she would love that.  So we taught her better ways of inviting her friends or family to come to know more things about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  She is so freaking adorable and awesome.  She will change lives because she honestly changed mine.

Now for the best one, I think.  Being a worker in the vineyard of the Lord, you come to know many people the longer you are in an area.  That being said we were walking in the street and walked into the daughter of Rosa Flores.  Well, she called to us to come to her.  She told us that she had come to see her mom again, because she remembered my face and remembered that all we were doing there was to help her mother.  She told us that and said come see her tomorrow morning.  We told her that the last time we talked with her she said she didn’t want any trouble because her daughter literally hates us with a passion and takes it out on her mom.  But we did what she asked and found Rosa outside with her ex-husband and we just started talking and she told us of what she had felt before and how she was really missing that feeling.  She missed us and we convinced her that she can trust in God and everything will work out in the end.  Life literally is like that.  There are over thousands of problems that surround us every day and when we push through it all, with faith that God is guiding us to a safe harbor, we always make it there in the end.  I am super excited to help Hermana Rosa Flores get back on the path to being baptized.

Other than that there has been a lot of rain!  Hopefully you guys are all well, safe, and happy, if not I’m willing to talk to whoever needs help :)


Elder Burke
Our new zone!

la costanero

la costanero (the coast)

Finally found cheap strawberries!!
Yummy with sugar!!

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