Sunday, October 11, 2015

Oh, How I love Conference

October 5, 2015

An incredible amount of the spirit was brought about in my life as we were able to do so many things. I can always remember clearly the moments when I have felt the spirit and how it has changed my life forever.  Before sharing my comments on the past week, I want to share my favorite talks from this conference from:

1. Elder Holland. The Love of Mothers.

2. Elder Nelson. The Power of the Woman.

3. Elder Uchtdorf. Truth is Always Plane and Simple.

Baptism of Alejandra
 Elders Munoz, Coates, Alejandra, Pres. Zarur, Elders Montero, Burke
Now for the week. We had a baptism of a lovely mother called Alejandra and we are working on having her confirmed for the next Sunday.  She was happy and even happier to find that the water was warm and not cold for her baptism.  It was very good and now that Elder Muñoz knows that I can sing, he helps me use my talents to invite the spirit.  So I sang I’m trying to be like Jesus for her baptism.  We will be working with her kids and husband to being baptized as well.  I cannot wait for that moment.

Movie night- Meet the Mormons
Before that we had Friday night movie night!  We watched "Meet the Mormons" and sadly we didn’t have as much as we were hoping for.  It’s because it rained a little bit, and nobody normally leaves their house if there is a little rain.  But, we had over thirty people which was awesome!  I was super happy to have that.  I hosted the movie and helped warm up the crowd to being ready to see the movie and when we ended, the spirit guided me to speak mightily and truthfully about the gospel of Jesus Christ and its help in bringing the family to being something that will never have an expiration date.  It was so thick that I could feel it in my veins.  I invited all of them to share their experiences more on Facebook, and to be ready to share their story to those who want to know more about the church.

Elders Allred and Burke at General Conference
We had the wonderful opportunity to watch conference, which is basically the Super Bowl, the World Series, and the World Cup combined for the Missionaries.  I love Conference and I am shocked at how I didn’t really listen to it when I was at home.  I am now sad at probably the many instances for spiritual growth I have missed out on, but we are truly lucky to have the internet to bring us back these great, spirit filled talks.  We watched attentively and the Gringo Elders went to the English Room, there is just something about hearing the real voice of someone talking and not a translator.  I’m happy I can now listen to two different languages and increase my ability to talk to more of my brothers and sisters.  I will not be planning on stopping at Spanish.  We got to see three new apostles called and their testimonies were very strong.  I am excited to learn from their experiences and hear the spirit testify through them as they are now special witnesses of The Christ.

This week has been going different as I am looking continually for all the old people I have taught and inviting them again to come unto Christ.  It talks a lot about how Christ, more than once, returned to a certain city in his mortal ministry, and how I can imagine the people must feel to see the difference when the Savior is around and when he isn’t.  I can just imagine the amount of people who didn’t accept his message the first time, but later changed their minds and followed him when he came back.  Is that not what happens to us in this life?  Do we not at some point regret our decisions to not follow Christ the first time or change our minds later down the road? Well that is where the Atonement truly shows its magnificence.  We are constantly invited to the kingdom of God, not just once, not just twice, but continually throughout our life.  Because our Heavenly Father TRUELY does indeed love every one of his children.  The amount of second chances we get is miraculous and has helped me see the greater value of my very soul.  So having that perspective, we have been visiting Magdalena again and some other people.  I have so much excitement to be working again with these people and inviting them unto Christ!

So a funny part of being a missionary and returning to an area you were in before is that everyone here has told me that I have gotten taller and I am even more skinny.  They say that I am really skinny.  I guess that’s what Formosa does to you when you have to walk at least 6 miles a day and cook 6 times a day during the week.  Man it’s been a change to not cook so much and have a ton to eat with the members.  I am working back to getting bigger again so I don’t scare my family and friends when I get back home.  ja ja.

If you are at all sad, alone, or need a miracle, talk to your Father in Heaven who is ever waiting for you to acknowledge that you need him and He needs you to know you are loved.  Pray, it’s literally the greatest thing that changes it all.  May the Holy Ghost, the Great Comforter, bring you peace to your heart during these hard trials in your life.

Elder Burke

Hermana Mara, Irina, me and Ricardo

Happy almost Halloween

Elder Coates and I

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