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A Savior is Born

December 7, 2015

I do hope that you all do excuse me for the future misspells. Basically the keyboard is doing it. notsdrav sdtme ja ja ja.

So as we are now counting down the clock to the 25th of December, we are all really pumped and excited because it’s freaking Christmas!  I feel like I’m running onto the field of the super bowl, just ready to play!  If you know me, then you know that I love Christmas.  Not only am I preparing many people to receive heartfelt gifts, but I am going all out on service for one to another!  Super excited!

With all that excitement every day, well let’s just say that this week was pretty rough.  But there has to be an opposition in all things right?  Because if not, how could I enjoy Christmas so much?  This week we had a lot of time walking and contacting.  Let’s just say a good portion of our investigators either stopped investigating or just disappeared.  It’s absolutely frustrating when you try to call someone and they pick up and hear you just perfectly, then hang up.  If you don’t want us to come over just say that.  It’s very rude, but it’s kind of the culture.  But we are hoping to find more families together, because now it’s summer break for the schools, so the kids are home.  And also that means more possible robberies.  Maybe.   We will see ja ja.

Matias is trying his best but now it’s gotten to the point that he isn’t putting his best nor is he putting priorities straight.  The best cure for setting out your priorities is saying prayers.  Have you ever had a decision to take that was so hard?  Did you ever feel like maybe you might make the wrong decision, or have doubts that if you do choose the right decision you have doubts how it will all work out?  Everyone will get them throughout this mortal existence.  It’s part of being imperfect. If we knew all the right answers it wouldn’t be called a time of probation, a time to prepare to meet God.  But honestly it’s what makes life fun.  Sure it’s stressful, but nothing is more reassuring when you can see that in your life you’ve made many good turns as you go down the path of righteousness.  Praying to our Heavenly Father and asking for guidance is the ultimate showing of humility.  Ask and ye shall receive.  The purpose to this life is to become so close to God, our Heavenly Father that we don’t just have him on speed dial but we have him right next to us just to ask.  We come to Him and he walks beside us.  When your priorities in life are only to do the right thing in the eyes of God, your path becomes clearer, and when you can’t see any more than a few feet ahead, you will have the courage to continue walking.  I know that the more I pray, the more likely I will make the best decisions for my life and the lives of others.

We had a really cool experience in our zone meeting where we talked about sharing a video called a savior is born. Here is the link:  

It is a good way to help us know that there is a Savior that was born, but what I loved even more was the other video that you can see on the website called a world without a savior.

That one hit me harder.  It really made me think of the atonement of Jesus Christ.  It was absolutely cutting to the core of what I needed to hear.  I recommend that we can all share it on Facebook, twitter or with friends who need more help this Christmas, and for everyone who needs the Savior. We have usb cards that President Franco gave to every missionary and we will be able to share it with so many people who don’t have many things in their house.  It’s hard to find one house that has a computer and internet, so we are very grateful for that gift to help us share Christmas.

"freaking huge" package from home!!!
It’s been raining a lot and it’s been very hot, so if you are suffering from the cold just know that it’s better to shiver than to sweat, because you don’t have to change from wet clothes to dry ones.  So be thankful ja ja.

Sergio Nunez brought a friend to the church who is a freaking stud.  He’s 18 years old with the guns of a 30 year old lumberjack arm wrestler!  His name is Fede and we will be seeing him this week to see his interests.  He is really nice and very participating during his first day in the church.  So we will be hoping that he will progress fast!

I got your package mom!!!!  It was freaking huge… but everyone is enjoying the candies from the states and I’m already getting ready ties to give out!  Also thank you a ton... also the peanut butter makes me even happier!  ja ja

Love you all and can’t wait to hear your awesome Christmas stories!

Serve with all that you can
Thanks Mom!!

Elder Burke

Something to make Alex laugh since he broke
 his collar bone and had to have surgery too!
getting haircut with hermano Simon


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