Monday, January 4, 2016

Bailandoooo bailandoooo

December 14, 2015

Que tal queridos amigos! Como andan con la nieve y todo? Disfrutalo porque estoy moriendo de calor!!! ja ja

So as we are counting down the clock to Christmas. We are doing pretty well in teaching now for the needs of our investigators.  We were so focused on teaching the lesson that we forgot the person!  What is wrong with me?  But its ok, we are doing much better in teaching with the Spirit and acting on the moment and not totally on the preparation.  Teaching by the Spirit is like Improv (Yes Toni Butler I can hear your little Mwah ha ha ha ha right now), you react on what is in the moment and follow the impressions of the Spirit.  It may not be a well preformed script or fancy way of explaining the doctrine of Christ, but when you teach by the Spirit, it sticks and touches the heart AND mind of the person you are teaching.  So don’t be so focused on what you will say next, listen and then you will be able to say what the Spirit guides your mind to say.  That’s what I had to do yesterday, Sunday.

I gave a talk on Sunday last minute literally. What happened was that well, it rained... a lot... as in we walked through a lake up to our mid-shins, to look for investigators, in the morning type deep. Yes, we still leave out in the pouring rain with no cars.  We walk with boots and umbrellas, well half of an umbrella. ja ja.  So with that result of so much rain, there were a lot of people who were blocked in their houses with small floodings or sicknesses, (it was super-hot Saturday just after with sunny blue skies) and the people who had talks couldn’t show up.  We were twenty people in the church but as missionaries you’re basically ready to give a talk.  So after receiving the heads up I was going to study just a little bit in the scriptures to get an idea of what I could share but then I had to direct the hymns and then be the usher for the sacrament.  When I left to go to the pulpit I had nothing planned, it was all the Spirit.  I had to talk about missionary work, so it was simple but I managed to give a good 15 minute talk with related scriptures and even personal experiences.  It was super spiritual for me because I don’t have a hard time talking but when it’s in another language and you couldn’t even prepare a little bit that’s when you are as humble as you can be to be guided by the Spirit.  So yes it was exactly like Improv (Thanks Toni!)

We got food poisoning from a combination of foods and man was that the worst diarrhea I ever had in my life.  Elder Montero and I were taking turns with the bathroom and we were absolutely miserable, what made it better and bearable were the movies my sweet mother and family sent here to the mission.  We obviously had to push pause more than once to go to the bathroom but it helped us to not be crying out for our mothers to cook us soup.  That’s one thing I miss is that when you’re sick, you have to take care of yourself, so I would like to say thank you to all those who ever took care of me or visited me when I was sick!  You’re all the best!

The reason the title is Bailando (Dancing) is because it’s the song that they have been playing nonstop for a while (don’t know why, it’s fairly old) by Enrique Iglesias.  It’s super great and sadly it makes me and my companion want to dance.  You should see Elder Montero’s face when he says "A me, me gustaría bailar." (me, I like to dance) and I say "Che, no sabes." ja ja.  But it’s a good beat to hear when you are walking in 38 C (100.4 F) weather with 95% humidity type days, keeps you going ja ja.  But also talking about dances I did enjoy seeing Brianna and her cute dress for the winter ball! She’s super pretty- it’s ridiculous. All of those boys better be ready when I get back! ja ja.

I share the experiences of teaching Gregorio who is an atheist. He is absolutely a well-respected person.  And he is super nice to us and talks to us mainly to know more about the Mormon religion.  He takes notes and reads here and there, it’s very interesting teaching someone about God who doesn’t believe in God, but he is coming to feel the spirit here and there.  When we invited him to pray he did it and from the first time I invited him back in the spring to now, he has progressed. I call him my snail investigator, he progresses very slowly, but he progresses!  He will be praying on his own in no time, probably while I’m not here, but we hope to get him to the church this next Sunday.

I love you all; I won’t be writing much until after Christmas because we only have 45 minutes to write and 45 minutes to skype on the 25th.  So keep on going hard with serving people and don’t forget about what Christmas is all about!!!

Love you guys!

Elder Burke

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