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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Family Picture on Christmas Day!!
December 28, 2015

Well it’s been awhile since we have talked.... where to start...

Before Christmas we made the plan to help our investigators Matias and Agustina progress to be baptized the 26th.  So who did we call? The assistants!  We did divisions with the Assistants with the President and it was super fun.  We only got to do it for an afternoon since they only had that time to drive out to us, but it was great.  We worked hard and taught with the Spirit and found new people as well.  I went with Elder Lee whom I have known since Saenz Peña and Elder Montero went with his trainer Elder Laiz.  We did our best and made sure that our investigators know which the right decision to take is, but sadly you have to respect their agency and their choices, even when they say no.  So right now we haven’t been able to baptize... but it’s ok because we knew that what we taught was understood and true.

Christmas Eve lunch and gifts from the
 familia Aguirre Gomez
During the preparation for la Navidad, we had various lunches with the members and my favorite was with the familia Aguirre Gomez who provided delicious empanadas and also gave us gifts! They’re just the best to us!  Gotta love the members like your own family.  It was funnier because I ran into a Scrooge basically while walking back from that lunch.  some tipaso (Jerk) was wrestling with his friend and then after ending his wrestling match he gets up and right as I’m passing calls me a rubio de $%&/ or in other words a blonde piece of $%&!, Merry Christmas guy!!! Ja ja.

Christmas Feast with Corrientes 1 & 2
We then went to the pension of the ZLs where we were 8.  We ended up playing with a ton of shaving cream and dancing like old wise men.  It was hilarious.  Then we played avengers monopoly, drank nonalcoholic cider and then watched the fireworks go off at 12 on Christmas Eve.  Everyone here opens their presents at midnight and celebrates Christmas right at 12 then sleeps until the 26th- haha.  So we had our multi zone activity where Corrientes 1 and 2 got together and we all pitched in a sum of money so we could have a Christmas feast! I cooked some delicious chicken cordon bleu and mashed potatoes, the other elders made a BBQ and the hermanas did stuffing!!!  It was soooooo goooood!  That was a good stuffing.  Everyone said that the chicken was perfect as they would cut into the chicken to find it loaded with ham and cheese.  We ate like Santa Claus that day!  After that we went to the church to talk to our families!

Christmas Day Skype with Mom, Dad, Alex, Brianna,
 Grandpa and Grandma Butler and
Aaron and Kaelee- 45 minutes went by too fast for all of us!
Apparently I need to be eating more says everyone in my family.  I AM EATING!  Just tell the freaking weather to turn down the humidity and heat and I’ll stop sweating off the pounds.  I never have once starved; it’s just my life right now of never ending days of walking and sweating.  I will never once complain again of what I used to think was hot and uncomfortable.  Try walking around in 98 degree weather with 90% humidity... in a shirt and tie.  It’s absolutely the worst, but it does help me maintain a distance with the ladies, they don’t want any of this thanks to my sweat drenched skin... ooooooohhhhh yeeeeeaaaaaahhhhh. Ja ja.  But it was great to see all of my family and my best friend and his wifey!  My grandparents also came and it was great to see all of them!! Honestly, it was like 6 or 8 minutes to me in what actually was 45 minutes!  It flew by and at the end I was grateful to talk to them but it honestly wasn’t enough.

And so we shall continue with the rest of the day were we had a sleep-over with other Elders Gonzolaz and Diaz and we had brownies and ice cream.  Merry Christmas to me and all!
Now we are getting back into the work grove again after having a good day break. That’s like a week vacation for a normal person.  And now we are getting ready for the New Year’s resolutions.

I would like to hear all the New Year’s resolutions that my friends and family will be doing and next week I will be posting my very own! Please write details and not the same old: lose weight, be nice, clean the bathroom more than once a month, etc.

Love all you guys and can’t wait for your pictures and awesome goals and resolutions!

Chou Chou!

Christmas Eve lunch with familia Aguirre Gomez

And this picture is why my family doesn't think
I am eating enough

Practicing our defense with our weapons of choice

Christmas Missionaries

Missionary Wisemen

yummy lamb leg

Avenger-style monopoly
Chicken cordon bleu for Christmas Dinner

4 Generations of missionaries:
Elder Stock (my step-son) on my right
Elder Peterson (my grandson)- from Elder Swingle
Elder Ross (my great-grandson) on my left - from Elder Peterson

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