Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The Humble and the Meek

March 28, 2016
My dear and lovely persons who read my letters, and yet I have no Idea what your response is to what I write, How are you? ja ja  Hope that your week was great and you enjoyed the sweet, sweet time that was Easter and now we can be more involved in following Christ, because He lives!!!!

One of the greatest and probably the most satisfying thing in the world is that when you are a missionary, you get to say "I am a representative of Jesus Christ".  That is one of the most edifying and the greatest things that I could say as a human being here upon the face of the earth!  But it’s not just the missionaries who are representing the Lord in this world; it’s the members as well.  We all show the love and the characteristics of Christ!  If it is from one of us or from Christ, it is the same.  The same message that we share is that HE LIVES.

Brothers and sisters I cannot exhort, cry, or even begin to emphasize how important it was that Christ could overcome death and save all of us when we come to Him.  It’s one of the things that everyone says but truly understands.  It’s like the feeling of being on the winning football team in the championship game that was all or nothing, neck and neck, and of course Christ won!  It is the very moment that when He rose from the tomb at that exact moment, changed everything.  The life mission of Jesus Christ was completed, but His work is still going on today.

Go read in all the last chapters of the 4 gospels and in D&C 18. They are wonderful scriptures of his overcoming of death and what it means for us. 

We have had a better time with a new investigator called Espifanio Gonzolez, he’s a very humble man.  He has never had the wonderful blessings of an education, he doesn’t know much, he is 80 years old and has a hard time learning, but he shows his love and kindness with all.  He came to church with us and loved it, he didn’t understand much of the doctrine but said "everyone that I know comes here!" and "I didn’t know that many friends were getting together here in this church".   He’s known by many and we are helping him to be baptized because he wants to be.  It will be a bit of time since he has to learn some things first, but it’s like how Christ said in Matthew 5:5 -    “blessed are the meek; for they will inherit the earth." The humble and the meek will inherit all things because he follows the voice of Christ and His commandments, because he doesn’t think of himself better than his Master. 

I don’t have a lot of time to write, but next week I will write more.  Be humble in all things and patient in the trials of your life because they are there for a reason, and you can take each and every one of them. 

Love Elder Burke

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