Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Relampago!!! (Lightning)

September 22, 2014 (week 4 in Argentina)


So this week was awesome and filled with different adventures of Elder Allen and me.

First off, we have had the worst beds in the world (according to Elder Allen).  He has been spending his whole 5 months here in Fontana (Chaco) trying to get money for new beds.  So, Monday we finally got them and they said that they were going to bring them that night. No show.  It wasn’t fun for us and we understood that they weren’t really good with service, especially when we called them that night.  Lol.  But, we got them the next day!  Whoohoo! 

We had a President of the Seventy (over all of south South America, Walter Gonzales).  This man taught us many things; things that are now going to change the mission.  First off he told us that we need to have the faith to double all our numbers for baptism, retaining, and maintaining. We have to take the number we are teaching and double it as our new goal!  So, having 21 new people last week, we are kind of like stretched - ha ha.  But not to worry!  He also talked about the importance of giving hope.  Without hope we can’t expect to help people or see people progress.  So I have worked hard on just being kinder, more helpful, and more loving in everything I do so that whenever someone talks about me, I would hope that they would say "he gave me hope."  I have felt that hope as the President of our Branch told us this: "Missionaries are angels.  They saved me from myself and made me happier, and I’ll be honest elders, I haven’t been doing my duty as a branch president very well, but since you have been trying your best and inviting the spirit, I am reminded of my duty.  I started readying my scriptures early in the morning at 4 and I have more energy in the day than before".   We were shocked and so happy that he is changing only for the better!

That’s what Christ does for people.  He gives them hope.  He gave me hope when I felt lost and I know that whoever needs it and searches for it will find it. 

There was a huge storm!  We were teaching and we knew it was going to be a rainy day so I had my coat and boots and so did Elder Allen.  But when we were walking to a part member’s house, BOOM!  Lightning was no joke, 15 feet from my face!  Right there on the street lamp close to us! The thunder was ringing in my ears and there was a mom with her little girl in front of us.  She was really scared but, she wasn’t crying.  I told Elder Allen it was because she had two missionaries right behind her.  But then it was a fire hose of rain from there!  I won’t lie, I wasn’t the first to offer my coat, but Elder Allen said I should since mine was the water resistant one.  I did it without hesitation and was glad that Elder Allen reminded me that helping others sometimes requires sacrifice.  So I was soaked in the rain, as was Elder Allen, but we escorted this mom and her littler girl to her house.  So much rain, but after Elder Allen and I sang hymns and were just total goofs.  We were happy because we had a purpose, one of love and happiness. 
Elder Burke and Elder Smith at Zone Conference

I gave a talk yesterday (in church) and it was about how to help the missionaries. Basically, I spoke about how everyone needs to do their scripture study, their prayers, and their job to feel the spirit in their home.  Without building this basic principle, no one will want to help the missionaries. Because when you feel the spirit, you will have love, and when you have love, you will want to help others no matter the cost.  They loved it and said my Spanish has improved so much!  √©xito!  ha ha

When you look at how to be happier in this life, just do the simple things.  Pray every day.  Read the scriptures to your best ability.  Go to church and serve others and you’ll be happy!

I love all of you and love the pictures you send of your adventures!  Keep me updated! 


Elder Burke

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