Monday, September 8, 2014

Soy Indiana Jones

September 8, 2014

Hola familiy y amigos!

It´s been a week!  We have been working hard on helping less actives and teaching them to come back to church. There apparently has been a lot of converts to the church, but they all went inactive, like 200 people are inactive members!  Loco!  So, we have been befriending and helping the members trying to help us and to be there for one another.  I am able to understand more and more each day and it is coming fast.  I still speak terrible Spanish, but they can feel the spirit every time I bear my testimony.  This Sunday was fast Sunday and I was asked to bear my testimony again.  Apparently everyone loves me because they have to focus more on my words when I am bearing my testimony.  I was just filled with love as I was bearing my testimony of the new people I have met and the spirit I could feel in everyone’s homes.  It’s amazing how when you shut out the necessity to understand the words and just feel, you can recognize in any language that what the missionaries are testifying is true.

So awesome stories!  So Butler family, I found Argentina Sayla!!!  It is literally Sayla, but on the opposite side of the color scale!  I can’t remember her name right now, but she is so freaking cute! She sings and dances everywhere she goes.  I showed her some funny magic tricks and she was laughing super hard.  Yeah, she’s Sayla and definitely has her energy!  Her family has three little girls and their mom.  We taught them Saturday and elder Allen gave some candy (Bon Bon) in a secret exchange to the one girl who was just sad the whole time.  She brightened up after that.

There are a ton of churches here, like literally I see one on every street.  Most of them just have them as places to drink in.  It’s really sad because a lot of people go to these places.  They have things called saints which are little shrines for idols.  It’s weird, but there are always good people that are willing to listen and get to know us.

I had my first rainy day this week.  That was so crazy!!!  I was wearing my coat because it was sprinkling and then it was like a front row seat at sea world’s Shamu... soaked!  It rained nonstop for two hours, and yes we went and clapped at houses that day... yay... ha ha it was good, but the missionaries in the states who get cars have it so easy.  lol.  So early in that same morning was a huge lighting storm! I watched the dark sky light up literally every 2 seconds.  It was lightning bolt after lightning bolt after lightning bolt!!! AWESOME!

Now for the reason for my subject header... monkey brains. Yup, just like the temple of doom they eat monkey brains for desert here!  We were eating with a member family and I tried blood sausage (not a fan) and then for dessert elder Allen looks at me and says "you´re gonna eat monkey brains today” and then the father of the house said “como Indiana Jones!”  Let me tell you... it was really good!  It was like eating yogurt... but monkey brains. They put dulce de leche in it as well and it tastes super good!  Just weird to think that it is monkey brains... but yup, I can now say, I am Indiana Jones! 

I have often found that when it comes to loving one another, it just takes a small step in charity. Literally go out and do one small thing for someone you don’t like or you disagree with and watch, you will be happier.  Being nice to everyone is definitely hard, especially when they hate you for no reason.  Just love them.  Jesus Christ was rejected and hated too, but he died for us, he suffered for us.  Never forget that he loves us.  Show charity this week and I promise you, in the name of Jesus Christ, that you will feel different and be happier.

I love and miss you all!

Elder Burke

Notes from Mom:  What an amazing day...I was able to email back and forth with Taylor while he was on the internet.  It was almost like talking on the phone- except for the delays of course.  He sounds great. He is serving in Fontana, which is right next to Resistencia.  He wants to send pictures, but the computer at the internet cafe isn't very good and so he can't get them to download...maybe next week?

Here's an excerpt from our conversations back and forth....

Tell the family that I love them and that I miss them terribly.  But, I know that everything I do now as a missionary will only bless you guys in the long run.  I love you mom.  I love you dad.  I love you Alex.  I love you Brianna.  Make sure to always remember that family is the most important thing and is always there when you literally have nothing.  Love all of you so freaking much!

I know this church is true.  That Joseph Smith was a prophet.  I know that God and his son Jesus Christ loves us and are real.  The Book of Mormon changes lives and this gospel strengthens families. I love you all.

Elder Burke

Love this boy!!!  I miss him terribly, but would not want him anywhere else or doing anything else than serving the Lord on his mission in Argentina.

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