Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Maniac Dog

September 30, 2014 (week 5 in Argentina)

Dear world,

I am not dead.  There was a holiday yesterday; I don’t know what it is called, so we have our p- day today.

Ha ha…So this week has been a bit of a change as we are finding new people to teach who have special needs and difficulties to overcome before they can get baptized.  Mercedez is doing awesome.  She has read the first parts of the Book of Mormon and is really enjoying it. We bought her a Bible and Principles of the Gospel to help her studies.  She is getting close to her baptismal date and we don’t know if she will make it.  It depends on if she gets married to her boyfriend or not, so we will see what happens this week and the next.

We had a FHE (Family Home Evening) with the familia de monica (pictures) and we had soooo much pizza.  The cake I’m eating was so big!  With dulce de leche!  Me encanta dulce de leche!  It was so good! We taught about faith and how it takes not just faith in doing something but acting on that faith.  We did a trust fall experiment with Elder Correa (the dark skinned missionary) where we had Wille (small kid) pretend like he was going to catch Elder Correa. Elder Correa was blindfolded and couldn’t see that elder Enright was going to actually catch him.  He fell and was caught by elder Enright and it was so funny because elder Correa really thought Wille was going to catch him…ha ha.  When you have faith and show your willingness to act on it (read scriptures, pray, go to church) you find that the Lord will bless you.

We were contacting and about to go to this house when their maniac dog came out trying to kill us (don’t worry it’s only the tenth time now) and we were just like what is up with this dog?! And the lady came out, beat it with a broom and went back inside.  I still don’t know why the dog was freaking out, trying to bite us.  But, we found a new investigator just a block away from that house.  He’s awesome and we can’t wait to teach him again!

We are enjoying the fruits of not having everything we have in the States.   So, we borrowed some clippers from Hermana Junco and well the pictures hopefully explain the rest.  It’s good though because it is getting super-hot now.  It’s hard to go contacting during the middle of the siesta.  It’s so freaking hot.  We are just covered in sweat!  Also I forgot to tell you that we found peanut butter here at the Walmart.  We ate it in like 4 days because it’s so good!  It’s hard to believe I have been here for over a month now.
As always I love all of you!

Elder Burke

Me encanta dulce de leche!!

FHE with familia de Monica- Elder Burke, Allen, Correa and Enright

Lunch at Subway! Taste of home

Cooking up something good

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