Monday, October 6, 2014

On-line Email Conversation

October 6, 2014 (Week 6 in Argentina)

Cool Elders- Allen, Enright, Correa, Burke
Hey there,

I’m on for an hour right now.  I have decided that it would be more fun to write personal letters on the 6th P-day every transfer to talk to you guys personally.  If you are on and want to ask questions, feel free to shoot them, but do it fast.

I can’t receive any packages because the country is in an economic crisis and so it’s very expensive to get a package out of their possession.
I am sending pictures with some of the people I have been around with.  As you know, I can’t really just carry a camera around every day as we are walking around.  There is a chance it will get stolen and then sold.  So, please be patient when I am sending pictures because I am trying my best.

I haven’t received any “dear elder” letters, so just have everyone send an email on THEIR personal email.  I would like to write Alex and Brianna personally.  I can print the emails off and then I read them after.

The following is our emails back and forth today….it was so much fun.  Brianna is home sick today and so she enjoyed getting to ask some questions too.

Mom:  What has been your favorite thing?

Taylor:  My favorite thing is Alfajores which are small cakes covered in chocolate…so good!  And they have dulce de leche!  They run about 4 pesos too, which is the equivalent of 50 cents wahoo! 

Mom:  What has been your biggest trial?

Taylor:  A trial is just the language, but everyone here says I am progressing faster than any other elder in the field.  So, I think in another 6 weeks I will be better…lol

Brianna:  Hi this is your favorite sister (not Jasmine- the dog), I have a question for you.  What is the strangest thing you have eaten?

Taylor:  Monkey Brains, of course!!  Lol.  But blood sausage as well.  Es tan estreno!

Mom:  Did you get to watch/listen to General Conference yesterday?

Taylor:  Yes- sending a picture

Brianna: Will you have pan dulce on Christmas?

Taylor:  Probably yes, lol…it is so freaking delicious.  Although I’ve lost weight…they eat solid meat, sugar, mayonnaise and cheese with everything.  It’s not the healthiest I’ve been.

Mom:  Tell me more about your companion Elder Allen and how you get along?

Taylor:   Elder Allen and I get along better than anyone.  He does practically everything the same way as I do it. But we both have our strengths and weaknesses and habits that we are working on together.  He’s from Las Vegas and loves to hunt and fish.  He sings every morning and we make some of the funniest jokes.  He has a huge love for the people here and we always teach with the spirit and to the needs of the investigators.

Mom:  Are you keeping a journal? Take us through a normal day and what you are doing?

Taylor:  Ya, keeping a journal and what not.  A normal day here is non-existent as we change it to go see people depending on where they are at.  We contact and clap houses whenever people aren’t home.

Sorry they are closing the cyber- chow!

Watching General Conference

Yes...there is a Walmart in the distance

Great Companions!!  Elder Allen and Elder Burke

Yummy Blackberries!!

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