Thursday, November 13, 2014

Lizard Fun

November 10, 2014 (week 11 in Argentina)

Uno Mas Semana! (One more week)

This transfer has gone by wicked fast!  I can’t believe that we have already almost completed another 6 weeks!  So crazy!  We have been through a ton and are working on helping bring back the people of the ward.

It gets difficult sometimes because a lot of the people feel threatened when they are at church because of some things that were said way in the past.  Everyone should know that the gospel of Jesus Christ doesn’t include gossip.  People need to realize that of course everyone has their own problems and that is between them and the Lord.  Only encourage those who wish to change their lives for the better, because you won’t help them change by gossiping, talking behind their backs, and making them feel bad for something they have left back in their past. 

Another story is that we were walking trying to contact someone who we could help, someone who was prepared to hear the gospel.  Elder Allen and I were walking and we both looked at a house that we both felt that we should clap (knock on).  It was funny because I went to say “elder let’s do this house” and he was already saying it as well.  We love it when we follow the Spirit to the doors of people.  We talked to this woman who was trying to get married at the time, which is very, very hard to do in this country, and we shared with her the Book of Mormon.  She was just so happy to find that two 20 year old boys came to her door when she needed help in her life.  We will be talking to her more often this week.

We had an awesome lizard in our pension (apartment) one night and it was so funny because the lizard liked me but hated Elder Allen!  He tried to bite Elder Allen so many times and he was just nice to me.  Speaking of animals, we were clapping a house that no one was at but they had a Labrador dog that was super white and it reminded me of my dog Simba.  I basically played with him for like 2 minutes then we had to go.  Que trunky!

We have been working a lot on the law of chastity with the people here that we are teaching.  I just absolutely love the blessings that follow when you follow these commandments.  It’s awesome, because honestly, it only strengthens your relationship with yourself, spouse, and best friend. Always know that these commandments are set to only bring you the happiest feelings and the best confidence and trust in your relationship which will last throughout the eternities.

I love teaching about eternal families and I am happy that Heavenly Father only wants that for us and that truly makes everyone so much happier.

Keep writing me, ask questions, tell me your stories and always pray when things get hard.


Elder Burke
Perfect Companions for each other- both "goofs"

Chaco- Resistencia

Learned how to make Empanadas- Yum!!!

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