Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Adventures and Struggles

November 3, 2014 (week 10 in Argentina)

Hola de fontana,

Let's rescue the keys
So this week has been full of more adventures and struggles. First off, we went to the hospital for Elder Allen’s knee to see how it is doing. The doctor suggested an MRI and he did one.  I looked at it and so did the doctors (gotta make sure they’re doing their job) and basically his whole patella (knee cap) has moved up 15 mm, which is pretty far from where it should be.  So, we are going to see the doctor today and have them look at it more and give him some suggestions on what to do. It’s weird being in a hospital again, that isn’t my hospital (the one I worked at, of course). So I am of course, critiquing their level of health care and what not.

Also so the keys are a funny story.  We were going to have a district meeting with the other elders and two sisters in our Ward and basically the district leader locked his keys inside their room.  We are still not sure how they did it, to be honest.  So we came and rescued them by snatching the keys from the desk with a rusty pole
Keys are rescued

   Here is a picture of my lovely Fontana church- more pictures will be sent.  We had a lot of rain so basically nobody showed up Sunday because it was pouring.  Ugh!!  But oh well!!

Our Church in Fontana
Also what happened is, basically I was stricken with the flu here in Argentina.  I have been sick for the past five days with the flu.  Elder Allen and I were walking and then next thing I knew I had body aches, a fever, stomach ache, and what follows with an upset stomach?... upset poop!!  So that was awesome.  But, we were able to help three people that day because I was determined to stay out and help these people no matter how sick I was. A fever came the first night on Wednesday and basically I wanted to die.  Then I felt better after a good night’s rest and then went and worked for two more days but then after that, bam!!- hit again with another fever.  It really sucked!  Above was all I ate for Thursday and part of Friday.
Flu Recovery Food

Over all what I learned this week is… you get what you pay for.  Quit complaining. If you aren’t getting the results that you want, have you done all that you could for it?  Work hard and play harder.  Love all you!!

Yep...I'm still a goof!!

Elder Burke

Elder Allen is a big goof too!

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