Friday, December 26, 2014

Come See Him

December 22, 2014 (week 17 in Argentina)

Helllllllooooo from Argentina!!!

Niko and Juan
So first of I am beyond happy to get on to the email and find old familiar faces who haven’t talked to me in forever, like family members!  Truly warms my heart to know you guys read my letters... stalkers!  Ha ha… no seriously, I loved reading these awesome letters!

Now... for the story.......

................... Of my last week.

Elder Swingle, as my son, has had many awesome experiences to learn from his old pap (me) and he has taught me many awesome things for life.  We have been teaching so many awesome families recently, but the one that I’m excited about it the Familia Aguado.  We had a family home evening with their whole family and we taught about self-control.  And to teach the kids Niko, Juan and Celeste about this principle, we had them sit at the table as we were eating delicious cupcakes trying to get them to eat it, but if one of them ate a cupcake the other siblings would win!  They were headstrong and resisted our peer pressure and as for reward we gave them Airheads candy that I received from my family.  ´Merican candy!!!  Lol… they loved it.
Aguado Family

We had our Zone Christmas party with the other missionaries and we did Secret Santa and made a huge taco dinner and played with instant snow.  It was weird… the snow, because it wasn’t cold.... it just felt wrong.  But nonetheless we threw snowballs at each other!  We told stories, took many pictures, and ate like kings.  We had so much fun!
Zone Christmas party

Merry Christmas from Argentina!!!

"He is the Gift"- (El es Dadiva)

Instant snow....Making Snow Balls

I got to give a talk during church last Sunday about sharing this gospel.  I shared Luke 2 and the scriptures about the shepherds watching over their flock.  Many a time we look over this story as only a heavenly messenger came to give good tidings of great joy, but I compared it to a member who could be sharing such a message.  It’s just like now, today, many people go about their daily business ¨tending their flocks¨ until someone comes into their life and shares this gospel, bringing ¨tidings of great joy¨.  These people were scared at first from such a bright and magnificent appearance with instructions to go see a little lone babe.  But, having faith that at the end of the star would be worth it, these people followed with faith, and lo and behold they found good tidings of great joy, just as the angel had promised.  I know without a doubt that as members or as missionaries, sharing this gospel is like unto this story.  Those who know of such joy and only wish to share it point to the star and proclaim ¨come and see Him, the Lord of Lords, the Kings of Kings, the Son of God¨.  I can promise with all the power of heaven that if you follow such a star you will find Christ there at the end, and you will rejoice and thank God Almighty for sending such an angel to show you the way to such joy.

I love each and every one of you and invite you this Christmas to come closer to Christ through reading another testament of him: The Book of Mormon.

Have a Merry Christmas.


Elder Burke

Cooking (tacos) for Christmas Dinner

Why so serious???
Looking at the hard drive to the left and this keyboard, it's amazing we
even get emails and pictures from Elder Burke
Walking, walking and some more walking... 

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