Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Primera dia de Diciembre!!!

December 1, 2014 (week 14 in Argentina)

Please forgive me if some of these words are a little crappy because I am literally on the most trucho (low quality) keyboard in the history of man!!

Thanksgiving was delicious as we made a pudding pie!

Thanksgiving- pudding pie!
Pictures are probably on the blog I keep hearing about.
This week has been awesome as our investigators, the familia Aguado, have been doing everything and trying to do to feel the Spirit.  The hard part is that they have some issues with one another,  I mean what couple doesn’t have one, but they seem to be working through their problems as they apply the Atonement in their relationship.  Forgiveness is one of the greatest gifts our Savior has given us... and speaking of gifts...

I got a package from my family!!!  Happy Hanukah.. er.. Navidad!!!  The YMCA sent me an awesome gift to put on my wall!  I used so much tape today to put it up so I am now ready to start my first Christmas away from home.  LOL… the package was actually from my awesome family to whom I love very much!!!  The peanut butter and dino oatmeal were more than appreciated!!!  LoL! Truly the best gift to get to start off the month of December!!! 
The package we sent him (mailed from inside Argentina) finally arrives
I think he likes all the treats!!

Peanut Butter, Dinosaur Oatmeal- his face says it all!!
Love how he figures out something to make us laugh at home!!

He figures out the saying- each letter was decorated with a message on the back from each of his cousins!

We have been focusing now on sharing more messages of Christ and why he was born.  We have this awesome video that we watch with people sometimes on our small dvd player called “El es La Dádiva”; meaning “He is the Christmas gift”.  Of all the gifts we could have received from our Father in Heaven, he gave us His Son to take upon all our mistakes and mishaps; truly the greatest gift of all.

We have been helping other families with their specified needs (which won’t be shared), to help them overcome their trials and their problems.  We are beyond grateful to be the missionaries to lift them up and fight these battles alongside our brothers and sisters.  Truly it has been a fight against evil and the natural man.

I am proud to be called a missionary, and to have Christ’s name on my chest every day.


Companions- Elder Swingle and Elder Burke
Elder Burke
Dinner Time:  Elder Ware, Elder Alred, Elder Swingle, Elder Burke

Elder Ware, Elder Swingle, Elder Alred

Saenz Pena

Gotta love the "Toni's" seasoning with the pasta
Dad and Mom find a way to get a package to Elder Burke- thank you Nu Skin!!

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