Tuesday, December 16, 2014

English in the Argentinan Park

December 9, 2014 (week 15 in Argentina)           
Hola de Argentina!!!

Trio:  Elder Burke, Elder Ware and Elder Allred
So this week has been somewhat different as Elder Swingle had to leave to do his legal papers in Cortoba which is a 12 hour bus ride here to there from Saenz Pena!  Crazy I know!  So, I was in a trio with Elder Allred and Ware for three days, and boy did we have adventures!

First off we met a guy who was beyond arrogant but to me I could tell that he was just trying to tell us the horrors of war.  He fought in some war here in Argentina and told us that as missionaries we don’t know the reality of life.  We don’t know wars, the need to fight for our loved ones and such.  I told him that one, I do understand that there comes a fine point in life when one is backed up against the wall and has to defend themselves.  We see it throughout life that if we let evil go unchecked or let it have what it wants, we will be destroyed.  I know war is one of the dangerous and scaring turmoils here in the world.  Imagine a world where we all see each other as brothers and sisters like we are.  Definitely the world would be a better place.  It is possible to have such a place.
Beautiful Argentina Sunrise

We also found this awesome home where this guy was living. Turns out that when we contacted him it was right before some very rich guys showed up to buy his beautiful acre of trees and paradise (dude has a green thumb).  So we were talking to these guys who apparently knew everything about the LDS church.  The two rich guys have talked to them in the states and seen them online. They also talked to us in English which was very different for me to do, but we came to know that these men may have known every detail about the church, but it didn’t mean that they had a testimony of it.  It showed me how simple the lord has made our path to return to him, all it takes is reading a verse from a Book of Mormon, and then praying with a sincere heart to know if the things it speaks of are true.

Also a funny update, when you have 4 Americans who haven’t had peanut butter for quite some time... yeah the whole tub of peanut butter will be gone before the end of the week. ha ha ha.

Sharing Skippy Peanut Butter- YUM!!

As of now we are talking to everyone about Christmas!  Woo hooo!!!  I’ve already taken the care package from my family (sorry but you will understand) and wrapped all the American candy and goodies for the families we are seeing every week. I’m excited to hear their feedback from eating real ‘MERICAN candy!  LOL

If you have a chance read John 3:16 and realize that every gift we can receive in this life is not as big as what our Father in Heaven has given us, and the best part is that He gave us the gift first.  How great and powerful God is to be humble enough to give his children only the best He can offer.

Les amo y espero que sepan Jesucristo viva!

Con Amor,

Elder Burke

Walking and walking and walking....

Orphan-Dog Pose:  just need to play music in the background

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