Friday, December 26, 2014

Skype on Christmas Day

December 25, 2014

Today we were able to Skype with Elder Burke for 40 minutes.  The time went by very fast.  He was at the Aguado family's home for dinner and to skype home.  We were able to meet the Aguado's- what a nice family.  The 3 kids love Taylor and wanted his attention while we were talking with him.  One of the kids drew a picture of Elder Burke and Elder Swingle and showed us it.  It was great to listen to Taylor speak in Spanish as he interacted with the kids and gave them lots of attention.  We told Taylor about the Christmas snow and he asked us to take the computer outside so he could show the family snow- none of them have ever seen snow before.  So, of course we did...It was great to show them and then Brianna picked some up and made a snow ball.  You could hear the gasps of excitement from the children.

Elder Burke is doing well.  He loves the people and loves the food.  He loves sharing the gospel.  He and his companion, Elder Swingle (he calls him son since he is training him) get along well and are doing good.  He said they walk everywhere and it is always hot.  As they were walking over to the Aguado home to skype us, he said they got caught in a huge downpour and he was soaking wet as he was talking to us.  We also took some time to talk to Elder Swingle and find out more about him.

At the end of the time, we said a family prayer and Taylor invited the Aguado family in while Matt offered the prayer.  Taylor translated it after we said good-bye.

Now to just wait for Mother's Day....Love this young man.  So much fun to see him, talk to him and just watch him with the Aguado family.

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