Monday, June 22, 2015

All is Well!!

June 10, 2015  (week 41 in Argentina)
The Family of Simon (Jorge Gomez and his wife Dalma and their daughter)
Seeing as I am the Nurse for the mission I usually get calls in the middle of the night with Elders in pain or needing assistance. This Monday morning at 2 I got a call and since I sleep in the top bunk, jumping down onto tile floor is not a good way to treat your feet.  I got a nice bruise on the bottom of my left foot, but it’s better now.  But man did that really hurt while I was talking to a Peruvian at 2 in the morning.  Still as I have such responsibilities I can’t help but feel happy to serve my fellow man.
Sorry for not writing this Monday, as before sometimes it’s very hard to find a cyber that isn’t occupied or has power to make the computers run.  So I get to write you guys this beautiful rainy morning here in Argentina.  I hope all is well back at home and in the missions that you are serving.
Starting with the biggest news is that this Saturday Magdalena Fernandez is going to be BAP- (wait for it) TIZED!!!!!  That is right she is so ready to be baptized and she just loves the people here in the branch and always has a comment in church.  The relief society falls well with her and she is enjoying the lessons, she only has a hard time remembering all of it.  But with time and repetition, she will remember everything.  It’s awesome to teach her because she’s so straight forward and always tells us what’s on her mind.  She’s an absolute joker too, for a 74 year old lady.  She has lived all alone without a husband or a family for her life, but you can see the fulfillment and joy she receives by coming to church and being a part of our branch family.
A lot of people have problems with their wards or branches thinking that they are imperfect and if they move, their problems will all go away, sadly it’s like our family.  Some days we can’t stand one another and end up fighting a lot, but we forgive them fast too, because as the saying goes “love the ones you’re with”.  It’s the same principle in the wards and branches you are in, Heavenly Father has gathered together a great family that will strengthen you with their talents and gifts, so as you would never think to replace the family that you love or have (blood related or not), don’t think that replacing your ward or branch with a new one will be a better for your eternal progression.  If there is someone that bothers you in the ward, learn to live with them and never stop following Christ, because sadly people have stopped following Christ all because they were offended for something that can be easily done away with through the Atonement.  Don’t let your learning and salvation in the gospel of Jesus Christ be diminished and destroyed by someone who isn’t following HIS standards. Be faithful to only Him.
Pedro and Juan (my dudes!)
Other good news that makes me happy to share is that Pedro and Juan are growing even more in their understanding of the gospel.  I love hearing Pedro’s complements of how he has come to know such a sweet feeling coming to church and reading the scriptures.  His understanding has come to a point, as now I can say, that I have felt the joy of what our Heavenly Father feels.  The joy of bring people to the truth.  Never have I felt such joy in bringing people unto Christ as I can see their Joy grow and they become the Children of God that they are.  I felt somewhat like a Father at that moment with his son, watching him grow in righteousness and accepting the truths that bring eternal happiness.  All is well.
As for Rosa Flores and her entire family of daughters, there is like 7 women all under the same roof, they are all progressing at their own rates.  It’s amazing to see how people progress in the gospel by what they want, not what we want.  If you want more blessings from God you have to work for it, he doesn’t reward those who don’t work for it.  So if you’re frustrated by what you’re not getting out of church, have you been paying attention during the talks during sacrament meeting?  Or are you on your phone playing games?  Are you studying the scriptures daily?  Or watching a quick 2 minute YouTube video of cats... again... ugh cats.... Remember that if you want spiritual blessings, you must do spiritual things.   An evil tree cannot produce good fruit, nor can a video game bring us an understanding of the Savior.  People your time is short here, stop wasting it on something stupid that won’t last.
It’s my testimony that the gospel of Jesus Christ helps us become a great nation and people who are in the world, but not of the world.  Focus on the important things like family and friends who need your help and guidance, not on the vain, material things of this world and I promise that you will see your family grow stronger than you ever thought imaginable.
 In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.
 Elder Burke

Also I forgot to mention that as of TODAY we can eat with members again!!!  All the other missionaries in the world are freaking out because they get the chance to go hiking as a group, go on boat rides, play paintball, eat at buffets, watch Disney movies on their P-day, use cars and bikes to go to far away appointments, use IPads, etc.  We here in Argentina Resistencia are just happy to have again someone else to cook for us and that we didn’t get bit by a dog or robbed for the week!!! Ja ja ja!  Gotta enjoy the small moments like these!

Batman an Avenger !?!
Elder Laurenco
Bruce- our duenos dog!!
He's like "Kevin" from "Up"

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