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June 16, 2015 (week 42 in Argentina)

Elder Goycochea
Hola de Clorinda, Formosa! Yup that is right, transfers happened and I am here in Clorinda enjoying the change in environment.  Also did I mention that it’s a white wash?  Meaning that the two elders before were taken out and two new elders are put in, that don’t know the area.  So I’m here with Elder Goycochea from Peru and we are enjoying the stress of looking for everything and trying to figure out where everyone is.  It was pretty crazy!

Before sharing anything new that is happening right now I’ll talk about the week and how it went. Well, Magdalena didn’t get baptized, sadly... she canceled last minute.  We went to her house in the morning Saturday and she told us that she can’t keep going to the church.  We asked her why and talked for her for a good while, trying to see what the problem was.  She was having problems with thinking that she would have to be more responsible and have to do more obligations for the church.  We told her that she would only be obeying the laws that God put on the earth to help us follow the right path and receive blessing.  She didn’t want to pay tithing because she felt like she couldn’t pay for it and we told her that she would be fine and that there wouldn’t be any problems with that, nor would she be doing anything more than what the Lord requires of us all.  Sadly though, after so much exhorting and testimony sharing, she didn’t get baptized.   Still there is hope that she could get baptized later, who knows.  It still is a sucky feeling when you can’t see someone be baptized.  But it was pretty cool how some of the hermanas in the branch left to go say hi to her and talk to her.  Maybe she will get baptized while I’m here in Clorinda.

President Zarur and his missionaries
Happy Birthday Elder Lourenco

This past Sunday was my companion’s birthday and so we elders celebrated it by having a ton of sugar.  First, we made a chocolate covered graham cracker cookie that had coconut as well.  It was soo good, it tasted like the chex mix stuff my family makes for Christmas gifts, the ones where I get super fat off of.  Then, I gave elder Lourenco my gift which was a giant ice cream cake.  He’s not so much of a cake fan, nor did he really want anything for his birthday, but I know he likes ice cream so why not get it as a cake?? ja ja.  It was a lot of fun and we loved talking to all the branch and hugging and telling them goodbye.  It was pretty sad to think that I may not see them again.  But you will have to enjoy the perks of Facebook after the mission.  I’m gonna miss that branch and all the families there.

So good to see Elder Nava again!!
Afterward, I packed during the night to go to Clorinda.  The bus left at 8 and I didn’t get to Formosa until around 2.  But I came to find Elder Nava there in the bus terminal waiting for me!  AHHHH!!! We were freaking out and telling one another of our adventures and what was happening.  And then Elder Nava gave me the best presents ever!!!  Which was a Dragonball-Z shirt, a superhero rubic cube, and other little super hero stuff and it was wrapped in an awesome superhero paper!!! He’s the best!  After talking for a good hour, I had to leave again on a bus for Clorinda for another 2 hours and didn’t get to the pension till 7pm.  Me and Elder Goycochea got to know one another while we unpacked and cooked.  Well... he cooked.  He’s basically a chef and makes the best food in the world.  I don’t know how he does it but he’s pretty awesome.  I’m thinking our time here in Clorinda will be definitely an adventure for a good while, especially during these two weeks trying to figure out where we are.  He has many skills and is super spiritual.  We will be having good memories together.

Elder Goycochea and I playing with this
crazy dog at an investigators home
Oh I almost forgot of when I was on divisions with elder stout, I ran into the worst amount of luck.  I took out the rest of my money for the rest of the month so I could have it if I would leave the zone, because I didn’t have a lot in cash.  So I put it in my boot sock when we went to elder Stouts pension, and when we were leaving to return the next night, basically it all fell out on the way.  I didn’t know until I started looking for it.  It sucks because I now have to wait for money from the office to get to my card this Friday.  I still got here fine, I’m just surviving with my companion here until I can get the rest of my money again! Loco!

I miss all of you and also congratulate all those who got married this past week! ALSO.....


Elder Burke

**Taylor's best friend since pre-school got married.  Taylor was his "Best-man" for the wedding.

Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Bowen


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