Sunday, June 7, 2015


May 11, 2015 (week 37 in Argentina)
Hola de Corrientes!!!
So we have had many different experiences here in Corrientes and we have been working hard to find new people and help people learn about Christ. First things first, the title.
We had a very well planned out evening and we knew that we would need our rain jackets because it was gonna pour all day.  Well... all of our appointments fell through and we ended up walking and contacting doors for three hours.  I never have had that happen to me, but I guess there is a first for everything.  I was somewhat surprised by how every person we talked to, trying to share a message about Christ, and every one of them said nope we can’t right now, or I’m not interested, which is the usual, but when it is pouring rain and they just leave us out in the cold, helps me understand what type of person I want to be when I am back home.  I could care less of what you are trying to share with me, I would at least give you shelter for 30 minutes before thinking of letting you go out into the pouring rain without much.  But it’s not about me, but the message that we share.  That Christ is the Son of God and that if we understand that principle, we will change everything that we do in our lives to become better.  Many say that they know He is, but what does that really mean?  If we know that Christ is the Son of God, then everything he teaches and does, is of the Father. Making His doctrine unchanging, nor imperfect, this would lead to the fact that He only made one church, not thousands.  It’s one of the basic principles that we need to strengthen, to understand our purpose here on the earth.  If we have faith in Christ and recognize him as our Savior, it changes everything.  So keep that in mind and work hard to understand to fully understand who Jesus really is.
We are now working hard to find 19 men who need to be reactivated to make our district a stake, the problem is that we need to find these men and help them remember why they were baptized and return to the fold of God.  It’s amazing the amount of people who fall away, but it doesn’t mean that we can’t return and be a member again.  I really liked the talk by Brent H Neilson ( that helped bring to light how everyone of us can come back even when we are lost.  Remember that everyone can come back from whatever you have done for whatever reason.  We will soon see the fruits of our labor with these people.
This past Sunday we got to talk to our mothers for Mother’s Day.  Everyone who was in the church computer room was laughing super hard as I was being my old goofy self and I just was having the time of my life talking to my family.  I absolutely love my family, and I can’t imagine not having them in the world to come.  I told them how important it is to do your part so that we all can live together as an eternal family.  It is true that families are together forever, but God is just and we can’t make the decisions for others in our family, so we show genuine love for one another, support one another in their righteous choices and when they are trying to come back from making an unrighteous choice, and always being quick to act on righteous principles and slow to judge one another.  I hope that they know how precious and dear they are to me, each one is unique and different and yet each one makes me better than I was before.  That is what Christ does to families: strengthens them.
May all your families be united whether it is you and your spouse or your many great grandchildren.
Love you all!

Elder Burke
We found a lizard in our pension......and we got hungry!!

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