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La Fe (Faith)

May 25, 2015 (week 39 in Argentina)


Elder Burke
Sunset Lookout
Look up on the screen!!! It’s a smudge1 it’s a typo! No!!! Its Elder Burke!!!

Alright enough goofing around, it’s time to tell you all the story of my week!

So first off we start with the last time that I got to write you all.  Last Monday we were on the way to go write and we had this old lady who was raking the leaves in her front yard, which were a ton of leaves.  So we offered her help and she was like, ok if you want to.  So we raked leaves for her for thirty minutes shared a brief message and asked her if we could pass by and share a message.  She was super happy that she had help and said sure why not.  We visited her two days after and got to know her more.  Her name is Magdalena and she is the funniest grandma ever.  Sadly she never married because she’s really shy from what she told us, but that happened a long time ago.  It’s somewhat sad because she doesn’t have any kids and lives alone.  So we taught her about the church and she seemed very interested and when we told her we would come back in two days to teach again she was really excited!  When we returned, she was all dressed nice ready for Sunday church, but it was Thursday, she misunderstood that when we would pass by again it would be for church!!!  Let me tell you that to get someone to go to church here is like finding a needle in a haystack!!!  We were so surprised and we told her that we don’t have church today but in a couple days we will have it.  She has so much faith and is so loving, truly she is an answer to our prayers- to find someone who can be baptized during this translado.  She came to church this Sunday and absolutely loved it and seemed to love every part of church.  She’s such a sweetheart and loves to make jokes about our accents.  We will see what happens when we invite her to be baptized this week!

We found another family who live so far away from us that we have to walk 45 minutes to get there!  They are in the area that I never went to with Elder Nava because it’s so far and we don’t know anyone there so we didn’t have a reason.  Elder Smith gave us a reference to go look for a guy that lives there but we found this family instead.  They are called the Saboa Family and they are so cool.  They have three kids- 13 Nirvana, 11 Mauricio, and 1 a baby!  And they are so cool, the parents are named Hubo and Marena.  We will see how they progress with the more we teach them.  They only have one moto to use to get to the church and they live super far. So we are praying that they can use that moto to get all of them there even if it is two trips, we will see next Sunday!  Also when we were leaving, the small daughter of 1 year of age started crying because we were leaving.  It was so freaking adorable!!! Anga bebe!!!

I’ve been studying a lot about faith and how it is the greatest teaching tool that our Father in Heaven uses.  It’s having trust in everything God teaches and tells us is good and that He will never lead us astray.  I read a lot in Ether 12 and it’s a good chapter in helping you understand how big faith is.  Every time we invite someone to exercise faith and read the Book of Mormon or pray to know if joseph smith was a real prophet of God, I come to know that by faith we are more sensitive to the spirit.  It always says in the scriptures that the people’s hearts were softened or hardened and it resulted in the outcome of them receiving revelation or a confirmation of the truth or not. Having faith softens the heart to let the spirit fill in the parts that you don’t know yet about the gospel.  It is impossible to get to know Joseph Smith on a personal level and know whether he was a prophet of God or not, therefore the spirit testifies that he was called to be a prophet but we have to have a softened heart to receive a confirmation.  It’s the same with whichever apostle or prophet we have had in the church, we cannot get to know them as it says in Matthew 7:16- Ye shall know them by their fruits.

But we can hear the words which they say and write if they have received authority from God to be a prophet or apostle.  Why do you think that every Mormon invites whoever will listen to read the Book of Mormon?  It is a chance to test your faith and look FOR YOURSELF if these things are true. It is a test of faith that God talks to us by prophets and scriptures.  It’s a test of faith to soften our hearts and be teachable to the Holy Ghost because (by the power of the Holy Ghost ye may know the truth of all things.) Moroni 10:5.  I invite every reader to strengthen their faith by reading the scriptures, searching diligently and praying to God that he will guide you.  It’s not to know just if Joseph Smith or the Book of Mormon is true, it’s to know that if God really does exist, if He is there, and that He does have a plan for every person here on this earth. I share my testimony that I have read the Book of Mormon, I have prayed to know the truth, and I was open and patient to hear what my Heavenly Father would say to me about these things and it wasn’t written words nor a voice, but a feeling of clarity and joy.  I testify that God lives, that He calls prophets to guide us, and that He did indeed call Joseph Smith to restore his church upon the earth. The Book of Mormon is true and testifies that Jesus is the Christ, and I know it because the Spirit of God testified to me that they are.  May all of your faith be strengthened.  In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Elder Burke

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