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May 18, 2015 (week 38 in Argentina)

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages, I would like to present to you, the one, the only, theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Yeah sorry about the whole introduction, I’m quite embarrassed I would do that for myself, But anyways..... THIS WEEK!!!
Still we don’t have anyone lined up to be baptized but we do have some investigators who are starting to show some progress.  None have come to church and so I don’t want to name people until they go to church because we don’t know if they will be still investigating.  But we are looking forward to the next Sunday!!! Yay!  But, we have been helping a ton of the recent converts like Pedro and Juan progress.  They are doing so well.  Juan received the Aaronic priesthood and Pedro will receive it this Sunday!  They are doing so good and are so much better than before when we first knew them.  We even helped Juan get a temple recommend for the dedication of the Cordoba Argentina Temple! Which was dedicated yesterday.

It was definitely different to go to church and its super reverent and just like the temple.  Oh my gosh, I miss the temple soooooo baaaaaaad.  We got to listen to General Authorities talk about the importance of the temples and how families can be together forever by the power of God.  They talked about the importance of the temples and how in old days there were temples like the Tabernacle with Moses, and even when Christ was on the earth there were temples.  Temples, as Elder Uchtdorf taught, are a bridge way between earth and heaven, where we can feel the spirit stronger than any other place.  It was a very beautiful experience and was even different to see Elder Christoferson talk in Spanish!  He served his mission here in Argentina and was actually in Cortoba.  He spoke really good Spanish and was so happy to see a temple in the place that he served.  I hope it’s like that for me when I’m back home and I can hear that they will build a temple here in Resistencia, Formosa, Corrientes, or Santa Fe.  So I’m working on getting what these people need to get that.  It’s a lot of work, but being a temple worker and having a very good understanding of the importance of the temple; it makes me work even harder.  I recommend that everyone goes to the temple.  If you aren’t a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints you can still dwell on the temple grounds, I promise you will feel a difference in your thoughts, actions, and feelings for the rest of the week.

Temples are important and sacred. If you are a member you should be worthy to enter a temple in whatever time you can.  I hope that all of you can understand the importance of regular temple attendance and that you all may be able to be guided by the Almighty to do what is right.  Temples are so precious and holy and I want to be in them more than any other place.  I feel closer to my Heavenly Father and feel my purpose here on the earth grow to be something grand and spectacular.  If you can go to the temple, I recommend that at the least you go once a month.  Have the temple in mind and you will be wise in your actions and judgements.  Also speaking of temples, within them is the great power of sealing.  We can be sealed as husband and wife, and along with our families within.  I cannot help but smile to see that some of my dear friends that have married just in the past weeks and I hope they all know that I love them.

Congratulations to

Tyler and Jessica
Colten and Charley

May your marriages be the best things in your lives!!!

Keltsy and CK
I love marriages and it kills me to be away from my friends and miss such wonderful wedding days, but it’s really not the one wedding day that’s the best, it’s the never ending happiness and love that comes from one another each new day.  Work hard all of you and love one another even when you are angry or frustrated.  I hope that all of you one day will be sealed together or already are for time and all eternity.  Love you all!!!

Love you all,

Elder Burke

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